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General Info Edit

Cyrus Williams, known to some as Theprodigy, is a defender of the Alliance.

Appearance Edit

Theprodigy is usually seen shifted into the shadows

History Edit

Cyrus was born in Stormwind City. At the age of only 8, a bishop blessed him with holy power. Since then, he was destined to become a great priest, help the fight with the Horde, and return to Stormwind City to become an Archbishop.

Theprodigy was 18 when he began his training as a priest at Northshire. As his journey progressed, he began to rely on the light more and more. He amazed all after his great help in Elwynn Forest and Westfall, the Stormwind Cathedral was determined he was the 'Holy One' who would lead the alliance to victory against the Horde.

But tragedy struck. Theprodigy's best friend, Helmine, was struck down in a battle against Mor'Ladim. Theprodigy escaped, camping out in nearby bushes so he could salvage his friend's body, but he watched Mor'Ladim raise the body as an undead scourge. Horrified, Theprodigy was forced to escape.

Upon returning to town, Theprodigy felt betrayed by the Light. He blamed the light for his friend's death, so he turned away from it. Shadow magic began feasting on him, twisting his mind further. From his seat in the inn, he stood up and walked to Raven Hill, silencing the remains of his friend. From this conflict, arose a fearsome shadow priest.

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