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Realms  Ravencrest US (PvE)

Professions: Alchemy  

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CauldronsAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Cauldron of Major Arcane Protection] Raynea, Weasely Wildjimmy
[Cauldron of Major Fire Protection] Raynea  
[Cauldron of Major Frost Protection] Weasely  
[Cauldron of Major Nature Protection] Raynea, Weasely  
[Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection] Raynea, Weasely  
FlasksAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Flask of Blinding Light] Raynea, Weasely Wildjimmy
[Flask of Fortification] Raynea, Weasely  
[Flask of Mighty Restoration] Raynea Wildjimmy
[Flask of Relentless Assault] Raynea, Weasely Wildjimmy
[Flask of Pure Death] Raynea, Weasely Wildjimmy
[Flask of Supreme Power]    
[Flask of Chromatic Wonder] Raynea, Weasely Wildjimmy
PotionsAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Super Rejuvenation Potion] Raynea, Weasely  
[Destruction Potion] Raynea  
[Haste Potion] Raynea Rhashir
[Heroic Potion] Raynea Rhashir
[Insane Strength Potion] Raynea  
[Fel Mana Potion] Raynea, Weasely  
[Fel Regeneration Potion] Raynea, Weasely  
[Ironshield Potion] Raynea, Weasely Rhashir
[Major Arcane Protection Potion] Raynea, Weasely  
[Major Fire Protection Potion] Raynea Rhashir
[Major Frost Protection Potion] Weasely  
[Major Holy Protection Potion] Raynea, Weasely  
[Major Nature Protection Potion] Raynea, Weasely  
[Major Shadow Protection Potion] Raynea, Weasely  
[Shrouding Potion] Raynea  
ElixirsAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Elixir of Empowerment] Raynea, Weasely  
[Elixir of Major Defense] Raynea, Weasely Rhashir, Wildjimmy
[Elixir of Major Firepower] Raynea, Weasely Rhashir
[Elixir of Major Frost Power]    
[Elixir of Major Mageblood] Raynea, Weasely Rhashir
[Elixir of Major Shadow Power] Raynea, Weasely Rhashir
[Elixir of the Searching Eye] Raynea Rhashir
[Fel Strength Elixir] Raynea, Weasely  
Transmute PrimalsAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Air to Fire] Raynea, Weasely Wildjimmy
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Life] Weasely Rhashir, Wildjimmy
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Water]    
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Fire to Earth] Weasely  
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Fire to Mana] Weasely Rhashir
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Life to Earth] Weasely Rhashir
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Mana to Fire] Weasely Wildjimmy
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Shadow to Water] Raynea, Weasely  
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Water to Air] Raynea, Weasely  
[Recipe: Transmute Primal Water to Shadow] Raynea, Weasely  
OthersAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Mercurial Stone] Raynea, Weasely Rhashir

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