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When the citizens of the Gilneas City were infected and became worgens, Dr. Jonathan Mirkmane felt sorrow as he couldn't do anything to save he's co-citizens. Becoming cursed too, Dr. Mirkmane aided to defend from the Forsaken Invasion to his lands.

Loosing Gilneas and being it a contested territory between the Forsaken and the Alliance's Worgens, Dr. Mirkmane grouped "a bunch of wolves" and created the Gilneas Vanguard: a group of worgen citizens and warriors that will fight against everything in order to recover their Capital City of Gilneas.

Nevertheless, Gilneas Vanguard was considerably small and Mirkmane realized that he couldn't achieve his goal alone with his fellows. Fortunately he met Blakenfeder Nighteaver, an old night elf druid which invited him and the whole Gilneas Vanguard to the Nightweaver Expedition. Becoming an important part of this group, Mirkmane looks forward to the future of his comrades.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Mirkmane believes that getting along with the right people could aid him to get enough power to recover Gilneas for the worgens and for the Alliance.

In World of WarcraftEdit

WoW Icon 16x16 This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

This is a player character in the Ragnaros US realm and its a member of the Nightweaver Expedition guild.

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