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He's an aged Kaldorei and you could say so just by looking at all the wrinkles he has across his face. Blakenfeder's pine green hair is long and he's bread abundant. If you happen to meet him you can notice that he's higher than average Night Elves and the sense of tranquility that emanates from his presence.



His journey starts before the War of the Ancients along the Kaldorei people. Being part of Queen Azshara's Highbornes, Blakenfeder started his studies in arcane magic. But when the reckless Highborne started to work on his plans to get Sargeras into Kalimdor, he along with Dath'Remar Sunstrider and another Quel'dorei abandoned Azshara and fought against his plans.

After the Great Sundering, when Malfurion Stormrage prohibited the use of arcane magic in order to the druidism, Blakenfeder discovered a new type of power that he learned to love. Staying in Kalimdor when the Quel'dorei crossed the sea, he lived long years in the Night Elven society and got used to their manners and the Way of the Druids. Nevertheless he kept in touch with some Quel'dorei families who lived in Quel'Thalas.

The Second and Third WarEdit

At the times that the Second War was razing the Eastern Kingdoms, Blakenfeder met a young druid called Elineria, with whom he married and had three sons: Adelinaria, Aelyrai and Shendorel. In spite of knowing about all what was happening at across the Great Sea, he never took part of those battles... until the young warchief Thrall landed in the Eastern coasts of Kalimdor.

When the orcs invaded Ashenvale he fought against them with bravery. Then was when he met the great Sentinel Kyrialas Whispersong, with whom became friends. Fighting against the orcs and later against the Horde trying to keep Nature's balance, he started to travel all across the world, passing through Elwynn Forest, the cold lands of Khaz Modan and even visiting the City of Silvermoon. Then was when he met the Sunraider family descendants with whom he also became penfriends.

The CataclysmEdit

After so many years, a group of isolated Quel'dorei who kept practicing the art of the arcane magic, sent a Diplomat to convince the Night Elves to accept them in their society. Blakenfeder, knowing for long the Shen'dralar, was one of the first to express his will to accept them and, fortunately, they were accepted, so his son Shendorel started to train himself in the arts of a mage.

When the Elemental Invasions started, Blakenfeder urged to lend a hand and help all the people, no matter they were Night Elves or not. And when the Cataclysm occurred, he along his family friends and allies established a group: the Nightwaver Expedition.

Goals and motivationsEdit

What really motivates Blakenfeder is to travel across the world (or worlds), researching and discovering new things. In spite of his longevity, he's still quiet curious. Finding treasures and earning achievements are as much important to this Kaldorei as his people. Being a gentle spirit, one of the most important things that motivates his journey is all the people that is around him.

In World of WarcraftEdit

WoW Icon 16x16 This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

This is a player character in the Ragnaros US realm and its the Nightweaver Expedition's Guild Master.

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