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DPS Warrior of GodIike Edit

Dzana first appeared in Azeroth on 12th of September 2005. During her leveling she joined Reborn guild, which was disbanded few weeks after she joined. By the time she joined Divinus, she was level 29. There she stayed for couple of months before moving to Alliance Elites and to Provincium after that. While still in Divinus, she met Griphin, a dwarven priest, which immediately was added to her friend's list. Toghether with Griphin, and later also Jenine she joined Provincium.

After a few weeks when she reached lvl 60, Dzana joined RONIN where she advanced trough Zul'Gurub, Molten Core, BWL, up to AQ40. After a few weeks of lesser activity and some changes in the guild, she found out that she's been kicked out of the guild without any explanation.

Then NEW ERA came and she joined GodIike....

Currently Dzana is tank in Syndicate.


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