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This article is a realm page for the Ragnaros Europe realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Rare Items Crafters - Ragnaros Europe (PvP)

Old list on Ragnaros Forum

Horde 15 Horde Edit


  • Destruction Potion:
  • Elixir of Dream Vision: Dezert, Divider
  • Elixir of Empowerment:
  • Elixir of Major Firepower: Taipdpp, Nixe, Tsp, Camalot,
  • Elixir of Major Mageblood: Camalot,
  • Elixir of Major Shadow Power: Divider, Scralotos, Taipdpp, Nixe, Tsp, Camalot
  • Fel Mana Potion: Divider, Nixe, Scralotos, Taipdpp, Tsp, Camalot
  • Fel Regeneration Potion: Divider, Netheranda, Taipdpp, Nixe, Tsp, Camalot
  • Fel Strength Elixir: Divider, Scralotos, Netheranda, Taipdpp, Nixe, Tsp, Camalot, Usb
  • Flask of Arcane Fortification: Nilaniia
  • Flask of Mighty Restoration: Taipdpp
  • Flask of Relentless Assault: Nixe
  • Flask of Shadow Fortification:
  • Flask of the Fortification: Usb
  • Flask of Chromatic Resistance: Divider, Jenjii
  • Flask of Distilled Wisdom: Divider, Jenjii
  • Flask of Petrification: Divider, Redakos
  • Flask of Supreme Power: Divider, Redakos, Scralotos
  • Flask of the Titans: Divider, Teclis
  • Greater Arcane Elixir: Divider, Nixe, Redakos, Scarlotos
  • Greater Arcane Protection Potion: Divider, Redakos, Gardagis
  • Greater Fire Protection Potion: Divider, Gardagis
  • Greater Frost Protection potion: Dezert, Divider, Redakos
  • Greater Nature Protection potion: Dezert, Divider
  • Greater Shadow Protection Potion: Dezert, Divider, Redakos, Scralotos, Gardagis
  • Greater Stoneshield Potion: Dezert, Divider
  • Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion: Dezert, Divider
  • Haste Potion: Nixe
  • Heroic Potion: Scralotos, Netheranda, Camalot
  • Insane Strength Potion: Camalot, Divider
  • Ironshield Potion: Divider, Scralotos, Nixe, Tsp, Camalot
  • Mageblood Potion: Dezert, Divider
  • Living Action Potion: Dezert, Divider
  • Magic Resistance Potion: Dezert, Divider
  • Major Arcane Protection Potion: Divider, Scralotos, Taipdpp, Nixe, Tsp, Camalot
  • Major Fire Protection Potion: Divider, Taipdpp, Nixe, Tsp, Camalot, Usb
  • Major Frost Protection Potion: Divider, Nixe, Netheranda, Taipdpp
  • Major Holy Protection Potion: Divider, Taipdpp, Nixe, Tsp, Camalot
  • Major Nature Protection Potion: Divider, Tsp, Camalot
  • Major Shadow Protection Potion: Divider, Taipdpp, Nixe, Tsp, Camalot, Usb
  • Major Rejuvenation Potion: Dezert, Divider
  • Major Troll's Blood Potion: Dezert, Divider
  • Purification Potion: Dezert, Divider
  • Restorative Potion: Dezert, Divider
  • Shrouding potion: Nixe,
  • Super Rejuvination Potion: Dezert, Divider, Teclis
  • Transmute: Earth to Life: Dezert
  • Transmute: Life to Earth: Dezert
  • Transmute: Undeath to Water: Dezert
  • Transmute: Water to Air: Dezert
  • Transmute: Water to Undeath: Dezert
  • Transmute: Elemental Fire: Dezert


  • Annihilator: Gurgg
  • Arcanite Champion:
  • Blazing Rapier:
  • Bloodsoul Gauntlets: Yog
  • Bloodsoul Shoulders: Yog
  • Darkrune Breastplate:
  • Darkrune Gauntlets:
  • Darkrune Helm:
  • Darksoul Breastplate: Yog
  • Darksoul Shoulders: Yog
  • Dark Iron Bracers: Yog
  • Dark Iron Gauntlets:
  • Dark Iron Helm: Yog
  • Dark Iron Legggings:
  • Dark Iron Plate: Yog
  • Dark Iron Pulvarizer:
  • Dark Iron Shoulders: Yog
  • Elemental Sharpening Stone: Yog
  • Fiery Chain Girdle: Yog
  • Heartseeker: Gurgg
  • Helm of the Great Chief:
  • Invulnerable Mail: Yog
  • Lionheart Helm: Shamrock, Khalitzburg
  • Steel Weapon Chain: Yog, Alderic
  • Thorium Shield Spike:
  • Stronghold Gauntlets:


  • +55 Healing on Weapon: Kokek, Smikis, Orosh
  • +30 Spell Damage on Weapon: Smikis, Orosh
  • +24 Healing on Bracer: Zantetsuken, Vectom, Kokek, Smikis, Orosh
  • +22 Intellect on Weapon: Den, Kokek
  • +20 Spirit on Weapon: Den, Vectom, Kokek, Orosh
  • +15 Strength on Weapon: Den, Vectom, Kokek, Orosh
  • +15 Agility on Weapon: Den, Kokek, Daimyo, Orosh
  • +9 Damage on 2H Weapon: Den, Daimyo, Orosh
  • +9 Intellect on 2H Weapon:
  • +9 Spirit on 2H Weapon: Vectom, Kokek, Orosh
  • +5 Damage on Weapon:
  • Crusader on Weapon: Den, Vectom, Kokek, Orosh
  • Fiery Weapon on Weapon: Den, Kokek, Orosh
  • Icy Chill on Weapon: Den, Vectom, Kokek, Smikis, Daimyo, Orosh
  • Lifestealing on Weapon: Kokek
  • Mana Regeneration on Bracer: Zantetsuken, Vectom, Kokek, Smikis, Daimyo, Orosh
  • Unholy on Weapon:


  • Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope: Grummkol, Lethic
  • Core Marksman Rifle:
  • Force Reactive Disk: Apfel, Lethic
  • Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector: Suntechnique, Grummkol, Apfel, Tullrull
  • Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector: Grummkol, Tullrull
  • Ultra-Flash Frost Reflector: Suntechnique, Grummkol


  • Black Dragonscale Boots:
  • Chromatic Cloak:
  • Core Armor Kit: Grimnos
  • Dawn Treaders: Grimnos
  • Devilsaur Gauntlets:
  • Devilsaur Leggings:
  • Golden Mantle of the Dawn: Grimnos
  • Hide of the Wild: Off
  • Ironfeather Brestplate:
  • Ironfeather Shoulders:
  • Lava Belt: Grimnos
  • Molten Helm: Grimnos
  • Onyxia Scale Cloak: Grimnos
  • Sandstalker Bracers:
  • Sandstalker Breastplate:
  • Sandstalker Gauntlets:
  • Spitfire Bracers:
  • Spitfire Breastplate:
  • Spitfire Gauntlets:
  • Shifting Cloak: Grimnos
  • Swift Flight Bracers:
  • Stormshroud Armor: Grimnos
  • Stormshroud Pants: Grimnos
  • Stormshroud Shoulders: Grimnos
  • Stormshroud Gloves: Grimnos
  • Volcanic Brestplate: Grimnos
  • Volcanic Leggings: Grimnos
  • Volcanig Shoulders: Grimnos


  • Cindercloth Cloak: Kokek, Orosh
  • Belt of the Archmage: Daimyo
  • Flarecore Leggings: Den, Kokek
  • Flarecore Gloves: Den, Kokek, Orosh
  • Flarecore Mantle: Den, Kokek, Orosh
  • Flarecore Robe: Den, Kokek, Orosh
  • Flarecore Wraps: Kokek, Orosh
  • Mantle of the Timbermaw: Kokek
  • Wisdom of the Timbermaw: Kokek, Daimyo, Orosh
  • Bloodvine Boots: Den, Orosh
  • Bloodvine Leggings: Den, Orosh

Alliance 15 Alliance Edit


  • Flask of Chromatic Resistance: Gunhild
  • Flask of Distilled Wisdom:
  • Flask of Petrification: Blanchette, Gunhild
  • Flask of Supreme Power: Mysticlord
  • Flask of the Titans: Mysticlord
  • Greater Arcane Elixir: Gunhild
  • Greater Arcane Protection Potion: Blanchette, Gunhild
  • Greater Fire Protection Potion: Gunhild
  • Greater Frost Protection Potion: Gunhild
  • Greater Nature Protection Potion: Gunhild
  • Greater Shadow Protection Potion: Blanchette, Gunhild
  • Major Rejuvenation Potion: Blanchette


  • Arcanite Champion:
  • Arcanite Reaper:
  • Blazing Rapier:
  • Bloodsoul Gauntlets: Loik
  • Bloodsoul Shoulders: Loik
  • Darkrune Breastplate: Finiks, Matst, Loik
  • Darkrune Gauntlets: Finiks, Matst, Loik
  • Darkrune Helm: Finiks, Matst, Loik
  • Darksoul Breastplate: Finiks, Loik
  • Darksoul Shoulders: Finiks, Loik
  • Dark Iron Bracers: Loik
  • Dark Iron Gauntlets: Loik
  • Dark Iron Helm: Loik
  • Dark Iron Legggings: Loik
  • Dark Iron Plate: Finiks, Loik , Matst
  • Dark Iron Pulvarizer: Loik
  • Dark Iron Shoulders: Finiks, Loik , Charge
  • Elemental Sharpening Stone: Matst, Charge
  • Fiery Chain Girdle: Loik
  • Heartseeker:
  • Helm of the Great Chief:
  • Invulnerable Mail: Loik
  • Lionheart Helm: Loik
  • Steel Weapon Chain:
  • Thorium Shield Spike:
  • Stronghold Gauntlets: Charge
  • Sulfuron Hammer Loik
  • Thick Obsidian Breastplate Loik


  • +55 Healing on Weapon:
  • +30 Spell Damage on Weapon:
  • +24 Healing on Bracer: Vardahisie, Pallo, Balthazar
  • +22 Intellect on Weapon: Balthazar
  • +20 Spirit on Weapon: Vardahisie, Pallo, Balthazar
  • +15 Strength on Weapon: Vardahisie, Pallo, Balthazar
  • +15 Agility on Weapon: Vardahisie, Pallo, Balthazar
  • +9 Damage on 2H Weapon: Balthazar
  • +9 Intellect on 2H Weapon: Balthazar
  • +9 Spirit on 2H Weapon: Vardahisie, Pallo, Balthazar
  • +5 Damage on Weapon:
  • Crusader on Weapon: Vardahisie, Pallo, Balthazar
  • Fiery Weapon on Weapon: Vardahisie, Balthazar
  • Icy Chill on Weapon: Vardahisie, Pallo, Balthazar
  • Lifestealing on Weapon: Balthazar
  • Mana Regeneration on Bracer: Vardahisie, Pallo, Balthazar
  • Unholy on Weapon: Balthazar


  • Core Marksman Rifle:
  • Force Reactive Disk:
  • Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector: Attilla, Lilli
  • Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector: Lilli


  • Black Dragonscale Boots:
  • Core Armor Kit: Razorskiss, Matst, Gelina, Nevril
  • Chromatic Cloak:
  • Dawn Treaders: Herol, Matst, Diabla
  • Devilsaur Gauntlets: Herol, Finiks, Gelina, Diabla, Nevril
  • Devilsaur Leggings: Herol, Finiks, Gelina, Diabla, Nevril
  • Golden Mantle of the Dawn: Diabla, Kiranna
  • Hide of the Wild: Herol, Diabla, Nevril
  • Ironfeather Brestplate: Herol, Gelina
  • Ironfeather Shoulders: Herol, Gelina
  • Lava Belt: Finiks, Matst, Gelina, Diabla
  • Molten Helm:
  • Molten Belt: Matst
  • Onyxia Scale Cloak: Razorskiss, Matst, Gelina, Nevril
  • Sandstalker Bracers: Kiranna
  • Sandstalker Breastplate: Kiranna
  • Sandstalker Gauntlets: Kiranna
  • Spitfire Bracers: Kiranna
  • Spitfire Breastplate: Kiranna
  • Spitfire Gauntlets: Kiranna
  • Shifting Cloak: Razorskiss
  • Swift Flight Bracers: Diabla, Nevril
  • Stormshroud Armor: Razorskiss
  • Stormshroud Pants: Razorskiss
  • Stormshroud Shoulders: Razorskiss
  • Volcanic Brestplate: Razorskiss
  • Volcanic Leggings: Razorskiss, Matst
  • Volcanig Shoulders: Razorskiss


  • Cindercloth Cloak: Loik
  • Belt of the Archmage: Loik
  • Flarecore Gloves: Pallo Loik
  • Flarecore Leggings: Loik
  • Flarecore Mantle: Pallo Loik
  • Flarecore Robe: Pallo Loik
  • Flarecore Wraps: Loik
  • Mantle of the Timbermaw: Pallo
  • Wisdom of the Timbermaw: Pallo
  • Bloodvine Boots: Pallo Loik
  • Bloodvine Leggings: Pallo Loik
  • Bloodvine Vest: Loik
  • Core Felcloth Bag: Loik
  • Robe of Winter Night: Loik

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