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Outland is a European PvP server

This new server was the migration realm from Bladefist EU. In a mass exodus, mostly all Alliance and Horde guilds moved to Outland which is located in the new data center in Europe. Originally, Bladefist EU was supposed to merge with Daggerspine EU on Outland, but due to Blizzard's fear of overpopulating the new server too fast, Daggerspine EU migrated to Kazzak EU.

The server's name comes from the given name to the remnants of the red world of Draenor, the former homeworld of the Orcs and Draenei.

Outland Community Info Edit

Links Edit

Outland Realm Forum :
Outland Guild Raid Progression : Forum post

IRC Edit

Outland on IRC : #Outland @ Quakenet

Other Edit

Ulduar Crafters List Ulduar Crafting List

Guilds Edit

Alliance 32 Alliance guilds Edit

Horde 32 Horde guilds Edit

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