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Alathas, the level 80 Death Knight of the Nordrassil EU realm horde side. He was introduced to World of Warcraft by Omedas, 8th best Warlock on Nordrassil (soon to be 1st). He first started playing as a troll hunter named "Hyperblade"(?) but at level 52 suddenly realised that trolls are UBER GAY. So made a blood elf rogue (also ghey) called "Unseendemise" (LOL) and leveled it all the way to 70! He joined guild "Horizon" who were currently farming Karazhan for many purples. He was quite a decent rogue, but when WoTLK launched he made a terrible mistake... he was tempted by the shiny new Death Knights and their giant l33t swords. "I WANTZ TO TANK LOLOLOL" He said, his famous last words.

So Alathas was born, the dreaded orc death knight, and he had finally found a decent name, everything was perfect, he leveled to 80 with ease using his newfound abilities. Omedas convinced him to join his guild "Reincarnated" with Crysis, Kurios, Sporia and other gibs. So when Alathas hit 80, he tried to tank naxx10... a few hours later, Omedas left the group flaming.. "HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO 3 DRAKES IF WE CANT DO ANUB'RHEKAN!". So Alathas had earnt a name for himself, the Death Knight that can't strafe...

"I WANTZ TO BE DPS WITH TWO SHINY SWORDS!" he said, and at first, his DPS was not that bad... Omedas did an OS25 pug with him and was jealous of Alathas's new found DEE PEE ESS skillz, but after a while realised that it was only because of his epicly gay aoe. In guild raids, Alathas failed at DPS, always no. 25 on recount, below Kurios the healer, thanks to his holy nova, and so Alathas found another role that he couldn't perform...

What will happen with Alathas now?! With Reincarnated broken, and Horizon hating him... where now can this handsome young orc look to?! Well, watch this space as I will be bringing you up to date news on this up and coming Death Knight.

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