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Redsands - Male Night Elf Hunter

Current Guild: Officer of AoS

Known Previous Guilds(incomplete list?): Daywalker

Known Pets: Stumpy - Type:Mazzranache(Rare Spawn Tallstrider), Pinchy - Type:Scorpok(Genus Unknown)

The pet Stumpy provided inspiration for the name of the guild "Acolytes of Stumpy" which was a guild mainly used to house Daywalker alts.
After Daywalker was disbanded, several of its members formed the new guild "AoS" an acronym for Acolytes of Stumpy.

Raiding History: Pre-Burning Crusade: Full Clears of all raids up till Naxxramas, Partial clear of Naxxramas.
Burning Crusade: Current Progress: Full Clears of Karazhan(Random Spawn bosses excluded), Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Currently 1/6 SSC and 1/4 TK:The Eye.

Strengths: PvP, Raiding.

Weaknesses: Jumping, "Pulling" Dragonhawks, Selecting correct channels to post macros to.

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