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Geegun is a player who has received the best Warrior award on his server.


Little is known about Geegun, besides the fact that he plays World of Warcraft on the Nazgrel US server. He is part of the most progressed guild on the server, Corrupted, and they owe it to him. Geegun is a excellent Arms DPS and currently wields Gorehowl. He has a huge fanbase with over 40 players with his exact name, he is commonly known as the Chuck Norris of Nazgrel.


It has been said that Geegun once did a 50,000 damage execute. Geegun taught Chuck Norris how to Roundhouse Kick. Geegun taught the Orcs how to dance like MC Hammer.

Attacks and abilities Edit

  • Has about 11,000 health points (Mobinfo 2 data)
  • Execute - If you are under 20% HP, and he sees you, you are marked for death.
  • Mortal Strike - OMG, NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU NOW!

People who have killed himEdit

Locke Argoz


Geegun's Equipment
Inv axe 60


  • "You face not Geegun alone, but the legions I command!"
  • "WTB 8 of Lunacy Deck!!! PST"

External linksEdit

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