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Who is Somby? Edit

Somby is a wide known forum-troll on the forums of Nagrand. He is known for his swearing, his mistakes and his flames. His original character was Sombur, but after a good 5 month period on Nagrand he transferred to Moonglade. He is now known as Dtenr.

End of Somby? Edit

Nope. He returned after a 3 week period, to troll the forums somemore. Little is known of his current plans, but hopefully he shall be returning to the game soon.

History of Sombur Edit

  • 17th Febuary 2007, 12:58pm. Sombur is created. A level 1 dwarf warrior, about to venture into the World's of Azeroth.
  • Somby meets a good friend in the guild of <BAND OF BROTHERS>. This person is Noodlez, played by a Finnish guy.
  • Mid-April, Somby joins <EXODUS>. He joins fellow friend Noodlez, now known as Stonecold.
  • Early May, <EXODUS> disbands into <HERETIC>. Somby is a core member of Heretic, and is promoted to 'Veteran'.
  • Late May, Somby hits 70. He becomes a rolemodel for all dwarf warriors!
  • May 31st, Somby joins Guild:Imperium (Nagrand EU). Persuaded by Zichiro.
  • June 31st, just a month into his journey with Imperium, disaster strikes in the AFK of Somby. He leaves WoW.
  • July 4th, Somby returns, earlier than expected. He then joins <RENAISSANCE> and joins old friend Stonecold there.
  • July 9th, Somby transfers to Moonglade. His return date is set- October 17th.
  • October 10th, Somby gets prembanned on the forums for rickrolling the moderators, Due to the permbanning of his "Crew member" Pink.

Friends and Enemies of Sombur(y) Edit

  • 'Best Friend' - Stonecold / Noodlez / Kyrie.
  • 'Forum Friends' - PenPen, Valerion and Pink. Together, they make 'The Drama Crew'.
  • 'Nemesis' - Junglist.
  • 'Forum Haters' - Flynnstock, Larata.

Final Note Edit

This was not made by the man himself, but an anonymous fanboy... :-). And edited a bit by a fangirl ;)

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