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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Angele Alliance 15 Moonrunner IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 61 Fallen Angels N/A
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Basic Information Edit

Name: Angele Lightwing (prefers 'Angele')

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Age: 22

Server: Moonrunner

Guild: Fallen Angels

Personality Edit

Angele (few know his last name, and he likes to keep it that way) is a living symbol of self-reliance, reluctant to ask for or receive help of any kind unless the situation is one he knows he is unable to handle alone. Although occasionally lonely, he tends to make his own fun and enjoys challenging himself, using his successes as reasons to celebrate and his failures as chances to improve.

He may lack somewhat in the physical department, unable to inflict the kind of damage many other adventurers can provide, but Angele is well-educated and very bright with a gift for tactics, capable of quickly reading most any situation and adjusting accordingly. Using his own abilities, along with those granted to him by the Light, he has struggled from a fledging adventurer bound for Northsire Abbey to a man exalted throughout the Alliance (on Azeroth, at least; he has yet to work up the courage to travel to the Outlands), adorned in trophies from across the globe. He has made himself strong and proven capable of even the most daunting of tasks. What is most remarkable, however, is the fact that rarely is he seen travelling with anyone; virtually everything he is famous for doing, he has done so alone.

A fact that surprises many people is that Angele is truly a scholar at heart; a rare piece of literature or a lowly scrap of paper containing hidden knowledge can be as priceless to him as any trinket. A small collection of rare books rests in his bank vault alongside various metals, gems, and other valuables. When journeying with him, many are caught off-guard when they see the hardened paladin transform into a grinning, wide-eyed bookworm almost instantly.


Angele is generally a very distant and aloof person when it comes to business. This hasn't made him very popular amongst other adventurers, but it has served him well regardless, helping him pass through many a tight spot. He often opts for the safest method of accomplishing his objectives, favoring a defensive, survival-based approach to victory.

When walking around town, many have noted him to be disinterested and even cynical towards other adventurers. However, this is merely the surface; those who have gotten to know him realize the kind, friendly man behind the sharp tongue. His outward attitude is a result of his youth, an automatic reaction to those that he believes are worlds apart from him in one way or another.

Those who know him more personally know he is someone who rarely takes himself seriously. He is often doing something on the spur of the moment either to entertain a sudden random thought or simply for his own amusement. He is very casual about both his victories and his defeats and easily brushes off any unkind words said about him, especially if the Church is involved. Some believe this to be a mere eccentricity, but Angele usually knows what he is doing.

Despite his class, Angele and the Church have a very touchy relationship. Those within the Church either love him for his faith in the Light and his academic mind or hate him for his total disregard of the Church's wishes and his family lineage (see below, 'Outbreak of the Scourge'). He seems to have little regard for his naysayers, which unfortunately includes many high-ranking members. In fact, the only high-ranking official of the Church he as any respect for is the current Archbishop, Benedictus, who has come to see Angele as less of a Lightwing and more of a hero. Benedictus is the only one within the Cathedral of Light who has honored Angele's wish to not be known by his last name.

On the BattlefieldEdit

His skills portray his one-man army approach well. He has learned from the dwarves the secrets of mining and blacksmithing, often wearing his own creations into battle with great pride. He is also a remarkable chef, a skilled doctor, and an avid fisherman who has recently placed third in the weekly fishing tournaments in Stranglethorn Vale. While he may visit the auction house to purchase the occasional widget or two, Angele has not tasted food or drink that he himself hasn't made in years, is rarely in need of outside medical treatment, and feels awkward taking on enemies with equipment he didn't make or find himself.

He is quick to offer a helping hand when he can, often with a reassuring smile on his face. Though at first he did so to gain a reputation of reliability amongst the Alliance, he still continues running errands for various people in Stormwind, Ironforge, and well beyond, even when the reward given is minimal. This altruism is unusual in the face of most adventurers due to its seeming inefficiency of time management, but Angele always makes the most of what he does, keepings his eyes and ears open for anything to provide him with a new experience.

This has developed another trait: a strong desire for rare baubles, trophies, and various other things of a shiny and valuable nature. Something like a rare jewel or even just the chance to find something calls to him like a moth to the flame, even if there are enemies between him and his prize. Whether this is the blood of his explorer/archaeologist mother in his veins or his discipline of not throwing away anything of potential value is unknown, but either way Angele nonchalantly admits it as one of his weaknesses:

"Man, I've lost count of how many times I nearly got myself killed over a treasure chest. It's kind of disappointing to struggle against three or four baddies at once, only to open a chest and find some apples or something as a reward. Still, sometimes you find the good stuff like gold bars and whatnot, so it evens out." - Angele


Angele was born in the human city of Stormwind into a prestigious bloodline on his father's side. The Lightwings were distinguished warriors, priests, and paladins that served the city and its people with pride and distinction, so much so that there were rumors that the family somehow possessed powers beyond mortal comprehension. These rumors never reached beyond gossip and tavern talk, but seeing a Lightwing in action was still a sight to behold.

His father was part of the order of the Silver Hand who, despite failing to live up to legendary expectations, was still an accomplished fighter in his own right. It is said he was at Hillsbrad seven years ago, but records of his service are scarce, so this remains to be determined. His brother, a bit of an oddball by the name of Orvash, was an apprentice mage who had little interest in carrying on his proud lineage, more dedicated to his spellbooks than his surname. As for his mother, there is very little known about her, as she rarely stays in one place for very long; she is an explorer with an insatiable sense of wanderlust, a trait which she employs often in the service of dwarven archaeologists. Though hardly a candidate for mother of the year, she has squelched her desire for exploration in the past to raise her children into young manhood before flitting off again, and writes home to Angele constantly.


Early on, Angele showed a strong interest in books. This was due in no small part to his mother, a bookworm who prided herself on learning anything and everything the world could possibly offer. When not listening to his father's stories about the Lightwing history or studying to become a paladin himself, the young boy often went to the Stormwind Library and spent hours upon hours scouring everything he could find. Although books about ancient troll history and engineering eluded his understanding, they did little to daunt Angele's thirst for knowledge; what he did not comprehend merely presented a new academic challenge to overcome.

When he was officially inducted into the church as a paladin of the light, he began training diligently to follow in his father's footsteps, inspired by the bedtime stories of his ancestors. He seemed to lack the physical prowess of his father, but years of holing up in libraries had done his young mind a world of good, often astounding his teachers with wisdom and insight beyond his years. Fortunately for him, Angele remained humble, earning the friendship and respect of his peers and instructors. For a time, it seemed like the young man would indeed live up to his pedigree.

Outbreak of the ScourgeEdit

The Burning Legion. The Lich King. Arthas, betrayer of Uther Lightbringer. These names came to bring hatred, fear, and despair to the entire world, including the city of Stormwind. Though not on the same scale as those names, the near-destruction of the Lightwing clan did not go unnoticed.

Stationed up north near what is now known as the Plaguelands, Angele's father, along with Orvash, were among many who fought hard against the new Scourge threat when it first appeared. Early on, after one of the first attacks, Orvash disappeared, never to be seen amongst the living again. The true tragedy lies, however, in the fate of the father.

Shortly after the defection of Arthas, the remnants of the Silver Hand struggled against the Scourge in a desperate bid for survival. The troop in which Angele's father was stationed was under attack, with victory seemingly out of reach. Yet in spite of being outnumbered three to one, the paladins not only survived but suffered minimal casualties. Various records give credit to a single man 'of great repute' fighting 'with great skill and terrible fury' for turning the tides, but again there is no confirming evidence to state that the man was Lightwing.

However, it is after this point that records on Angele's father become clear; during another battle, the man suddenly turned around and began fighting alongside the Scourge, eliminating his comrades with utter abandon until he himself was struck down by the Scourge. Possible reasons range from corruption by an evil power to secretly being in league with Arthas to being driven mad by the disappearance of his elder son, but they all meant the same thing for the name Lightwing: traitor.

Back home, Angele received this news alongside his schoolmates. Though stories of honorable men suddenly falling in league with dark forces was quickly becoming a popular story, the fact that a Lightwing had fallen to corruption and attacked his allies at such a critical time had left a strong taint of the family name. Once proud of his lineage and respected as the next in a long line of heroes, he now found himself the subjected of hushed whispers behind his back and cold stares from many within the church. Ever the astute young man, Angele was quick to hide his last name, refusing (publicly) to go by anything but his first name alone in hopes of sparing himself much grief. The Lightwing family was no more.

Growing UpEdit

Now forcing himself to hide his family name and his pride, Angele began to change. The newfound aggression being displaced onto him was taken in silence at first, but began being redirected outward as he grew older. His quiet, polite, and eager demeanor slowly vanished. His attitude towards school shifted from eagerness to indifference, often leading him to skip classes (and avoid further torment by fellow students) in order to go read his schoolbooks in private. He also began questioning his faith in the Church, though his faith in the Light rarely waivered. After all, the Light may have failed his father, but it was the followers, those who were meant to be kind, pious and forgiving, that had suddenly began staring daggers at him for trying to grieve for his father's passing and pray for his spirit.

Disenchanted with the church and suddenly feeling alone and hopeless in the world, the stories of the Legion's defeat began to echo across Azeroth. Many were merely happy that the long war was over, but the big news for Angele was the fact that an orc leader by the name of Thrall had teamed up with the famed Jaina Proudmore and the night elves to defeat the seemingly invincible foe. Such an alliance had brought peace to the world, and yet everyone around him, especially the church, still seemed to share hatred for the Horde.

Angele was very familiar with the past of the orcs and trolls at this point, but in light of the victory they had helped create, he saw his vision for the future; a world at peace, where concepts of the Horde, the Alliance, and the Burning Legion were all phrases confined to history books and old men's memories. If it could be done once, could it not be done again? Thus, a seed of hope replanted itself in the young man's mind. Somehow, he would make this world of his become reality...even if it meant doing so alone.

A New GoalEdit

More inspired than ever before to become stronger, Angele renewed his studies and training with fervor. A new attitude of aloofness and self-confidence helped block out the negative attention of his name (which he still refused to use), and slowly his enthusiasm began turning heads. With some time passing between the incident with his father and the present, some began to put the past behind him and begin seeing him in a new light. His disdain for the Church of Light mellowed into disinterest over time, but he would never be able to look at the teachings, or the Church itself, in the same way again.

One day, he was sent out by the Church, albeit grudgingly (on both sides), to assist the Northshire Abbey in what would only be the starting point of his many adventures. Angele, knowing full well that his dreams of peace would fall on deaf ears unless he made himself heard, began earning the trust and admiration of Stormwind and the Alliance. Though he had no family or even his last name on his side, he refused to quit until the day came that he could again announce to the world with pride:

"I am Angele Lightwing!"

In-game DataEdit


Mining (300/300) Blacksmithing (275/300)
First Aid (328/375) Cooking (315/375)
Fishing (275/300) Riding (75/75)

Dungeons CompletedEdit

Blackfathom Deeps (solo) Maraudon (3-man) Zul'Farrak (5-man)
Eastern Kingdoms
The Deadmines (solo) Shadowfang Keep (2-man) The Stockades (solo) Gnomeregan (solo)
Scarlet Monastery (solo) Uldaman (3-man) Sunken Temple (5-man) Blackrock Depths (5-man)
Scholomance (5-man)
Hellfire Ramparts (5-man)

Legend in the MakingEdit

And Then There Were ThreeEdit

For much of his career, Angele has prided himself on working alone, and tales of his single-handed deeds rings throughout the Eastern Kingdoms. However, more and more dangers have arisen of late. Not one to overestimate himself, he is fully aware of the need for help. Although grudgingly, Angele began seeking out allies to venture into the likes of Zul'Farrak, Uldaman, Maraudon, and even worse.

By chance, he encountered two Draenai sisters. One, Zaichik, was a paladin much like himself, though more experienced in group warfare and far more dedicated to the Light and the Church. Initially, the woman's religious devotion irked him (as did her slight superiority to him), but he soon came to recognize Zaichik as a mentor and a wise woman.

The glue of the team, however, turned out to be Zaichik's sister, Purnima. Were it not for the uncanny resemblance the two shared, Angele would never have guessed they were related at all, let alone sisters. A priest once fascinated with the darker side of magic, she has been 'converted' by Zaichik (or so she says) to the Light. This proved to be a wise decision, as Purnima soon proved to be an excellent healer, turning even the deepest of wounds into mere scratches with her powers. Beyond that is her role as the median of the group; though loyal to her sister and the Light, she has found a friend (and barmate) in Angele, often sharing jokes with each other (often at Zaichik's expense).

Though hesitant at first to work with a group, Angele has found a comfortable spot amongst the two sisters. The two of them had apparently made a formidable team by themselves, just as Angele was a strong one-man team. When they each needed a team of three to progress through the depths of Uldaman, they united for the first time in what would eventually become an incredible force of light that has felled the likes of Princess Theradras and Gahz'rilla with relative ease.

Now their sights are set on the Blasted Lands. After listening to fallen heroes of the Horde at the land's border and deep within the land itself, the three have embarked on an epic quest to fell the demon Razelikh. With their Azsharite weapons in hand and one of the three servant's amulets in their possession, they have begun making preparations for the final assault against one of the great evils of Azeroth...

Out of the Frying Pan...Edit

Despite his long (and still growing) list of accomplishments and heartfelt pleas to ranking officials, Angele's dream of a unified Azeroth have fallen on deaf ears. He was beginning to feel as if his cause was hopeless when Zaichik, his friend and pseudo-mentor approached him with an unbelievable proposal. She and Purnima believed they were strong enough to help out their own people back home in the Outlands, and was making preparations to venture through the recently reopened Dark Portal. She wanted Angele to join them.

Naturally, he was nervous. Venturing to the Outlands, the demon homeworld? No doubt this would be a venture well beyond anything he faced on Azeroth, and even the presence of his two friends did little to relieve his concern. Eventually, though, he agreed.

To him, this was a true opportunity in the making. Besides being able to gauge his own strength alongside his enemies' , there was a chance that Angele could acquire some serious support for his cause. It was easier on Azeroth to dismiss the immediate threat of the Burning Legion because it was not yet at their doorstep, but in the Outlands they would know the truth. They would know just how dangerous the demonic armies still were, and might even agree that combining forces with the Horde may be the best chance to save their world. Even those stubborn fools at the Church might listen if he returned with support from the same warriors recalling tales of horror from the other side.

When the fateful day came, Angele, Zaichik, and Purnima met in the Blasted Lands, their gaze set southward towards the massive Dark Portal. His hands shook at the reins of his warhorse as they approached the massive swirling vortex. With a deep breath, he followed his friends into the unknown--

--and upon entry saw a massive demon leading other smaller, yet still quite large ones towards the platform. Only the combined forces of Alliance and Horde forces (standing completely separate from each other, Angele noticed sadly) were keeping them at bay. The demons were already this close to escaping into Azeroth?

He and his friends shared a look, then sped away to the nearest Alliance base, a place called Honor Hold with all haste. There was so much to do, and time was clearly not on their side...

Current EventsEdit

The name of Angele is rising rapidly in the Alliance, to the point where even the exiles of Gnomeregan shower praise upon him. Meanwhile, his physical limits appear to be fast approaching as he continues to broaden his horizons, leaving the volcanic heat of the Burning Steppes behind to travel towards the more exotic Un'Goro Crater. Never one to miss an opportunity to learn more and grow stronger, Angele plans on venturing later to Felwood, Winterspring, and finally the Plaguelands, where he feels his greatest challenge awaits him.

However, his plans may have to be put on hold; ever since reaching the Burning Steppes, the threat of the Blackrock Orcs and the Black Dragonflight coming ever closer to the town of Lakeshire has weighed heavily on his mind. Many have told him of various dangers and missions resting within the massive Blackrock Mountain, and the city of Stormwind has yet to deem it a considerable threat. With no official support, Angele must prepare to plunge into the depths of the mountain and strike the threat at its core.

Among these troubles, there is a man imprisoned in the mountain, one who knows of a terrible evil that, rumor has it, lurks just under Stormwind's nose...

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