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Keldron Therrand is an Undead Rogue on the Moon Guard server. (Updated 6/27/08).

Basic Info Edit

  • Full Name: Keldron Robert Therrand
  • Age: Died at 27. Is in his early thirties now.
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Marital Status: Married to Celeania Therrand [Solliden].

Family Edit

  • Parents Vincent and Rachel Therrand (deceased)
  • Wife Karen (deceased)
  • Son Vincent (deceased)
  • Brother Hegrath (undead)

History Edit

Days of old Edit

Born into a prestigous Alterac family, Keldron grew up learning the ways of the nobleman. However, during the Second War, after Alterac's betrayal and ultimate destruction, Keldron's father fled north to Lordaeron with him, whereas his mother and older brother were forced to flee south, and eventually captured by orcs.

As Keldron grew, he learned the ways of alchemy from his father. After his father died, Keldron overtook the small business his father had started up, and began making good money off of it. He married, and had a child.

However, bandits eventually found their way to Keldron, and set their eyes on his own home. While he was away in Brill, they killed his wife and infant child, and stole numerous possessions. When Keldron returned, he was devestated. Going into a period of extreme despression, Keldron began to learn the ways of the assassin.

Keldron spent the next few years of his life learning the ways of the assassin, hunting down the bandits. Killing off the bandit group, known as the "Black Skulls", Keldron eventually found, tortured, and nearly killed the leader, save for the fact that he was killed by a Scourge patrol when he went out back to find two daggers he'd left there.

Days of the Scourge Edit

Keldron was brought back as a Scourge drone. A viable fighter, he was branded and marked as a sneak attack unit. Though he was involved in a few minor missions, his major moment in the Scourge was the attack on Quel'Thalas. Though his memory nowadays is unclear of his time in the Scourge, he vaguely recalls the attack on Quel'Thalas.

Afterward, he was left behind during the exodus to Kalimdor. He was killed in an attack by a human survivor group.

Beginning Anew Edit

Keldron was brought back from his slumber two years after the Forsaken took control of Lordaeron. Angered and bloodthirsty, Keldron became violent and savage, travelling through the world with a bitter bloodlust. He was horribly merciless, killing any he thought to be in his way.

He undertook surgery to rebuild his body for basic functions (eating, drinking, smoking, sex, etc.), and eventually began to snoop around Alterac. After being shot by a Frostwolf patrol who mistook him for a human, he was taken back, and healed to full health. While living with the clan, he fell in love with an orc woman, who was killed a few months later in a Stormpike hit-and-run. Having learned techniques from the clan, Keldron took his leave.

Keldron returned to Hillsbrad afterward, and killed the bandit leader, Gashler Jurrol, who'd previously killed his wife. Gashler had been living in Keldron's old Southshore home.


Keldron now lives primarily around Ravenholdt and Silvermoon. He has completely renounced his previous goals of ending demonic cults in Azeroth, now in favor of pursuing his own personal interests.

His change of heart has to do with a recent breakdown about the loss of numerous friends, due to his duties in Corpus. Leaving for Veldbarad, he began to grow more content, until his friend, Torne, joined The Eye, a group he has an undying hatred for. Diving into a deeper depression, he began using drugs heavily.

Recently, he has taken in interest in drug dealing, hit jobs, and large-scale heists and robberies.

Tidbits Edit

  • Heavy cigarette smoker.
  • Had blood surgically put back into his veins.
  • Though he has a lot of rage pent up, he often keeps calm in normal setting, and unleashes rage when interrogating, torturing, or fighting.

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