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Character Stats Edit

Name: Aelendil Silversong

Title: Dreamwalker

Age: 48

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Silver flecked with gold

Skin Color: Light blue.

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 215 lbs

Marital Status: Single and all too proud of it.

Mother: Shaeran Silversong, former advisor to Tyrande; currently cared for at the Temple of Elune.

Father: Vandos Silversong, Deceased, KIA in the 3rd War.

Siblings: Older brother, "Shadowstride", MIA.

Pets: Ael is almost always surrounded by a menagerie of small animals. Most commonly, a small fairy dragon named Kali can be found hovering near his shoulder.

Appearance Edit

Aelendil looks more like a rogue than a druid, a well-traveled vagabond with a scoundrel's grin. He wears a perpetual five o'clock shadow framed by silver hair falling waist length, feathers and greenery entangled in the long strands. Ael generally wears simple garb, linens and leathers, further enhanced by the occasional fangs, claws and seeds that make singsong noises as he walks (unless he wishes it otherwise). There's an alley-cat smugness to his swagger standing in stark contrast to the war-aged experience in his eyes. A dark brand stands out from the pale skin of his face, an ebon crescent moon curved wickedly to encircle his left eye. Every movement is a lesson in fluid economy, though he tends to sway after a night on the town.

While only a few of Ael's lady friends are privilege to this knowledge, his entire torso is covered in ritualistic brands. They resemble a demon hunter's ritual tattoos, however they are extensively modified with designs that would make any arcane magic user's head spin. He doesn't like to talk about where they come from, but he will say that he did not receive them willingly.

Personality Edit

Ael is boisterous, charismatic, troublesome and all too proud of it. Exceptionally young by kal'dorei standards, he's never the less lived an interesting and trying life; hence the mantle of experience that makes him seem older than his years. There's wisdom in his words, hard as they may be to salvage from his thick brogue. While someone chaotic, his intentions are generally for the best, or so he likes to think.

A sucker for a pretty lady and fine drink, Ael does have his moments of weakness. He can be easily distracted and he doesn't take kindly to notions of fate.

As sarcastic and flirtatious as the druid tends to be, he's deadly serious when it comes down to battle and the matter of his faith... though far be it from him not to have a little fun while he's sneaking up on an unsuspecting goblin logger.

Background Edit

Little is known about Silversong's past, beyond that he spent a portion of his youth in Ironforge and that he used to be one of the few male priests of Elune. He has only recently reappeared in civilized lands, claiming the title of "Dreamwalker" and spreading the teachings of the Emerald Aspect, Ysera. A seemingly aimless wanderer, Ael is apt to come and go as he pleases, as often on wing or paw as on two legs.

His "home", if it can be termed that, is a grove in the forest of Feralas.

Goals and Motivations Edit

  • Ael's something of a bounty hunter, though he doesn't care if he gets paid. He's in it for the chase, which coincidentally coincides with:
  • Women; Ael's a sucker for a pretty face. A shameless flirt with a bronze tongue, Ael's motivation more often than not is meeting the prettiest woman, or women, in a city-wide area.
  • A good time; from drinking contests with dwarves to poking a sleeping dragon, Ael's up for stirrin' up the most interestin' times possible.
  • Protecting those he loves; Ael can sometimes come across as cold when people try to establish a real connection with him. This is because he fiercely cares for those he accepts into his circle of trust and he's lost many friends to strife.

Idiosyncrasies Edit

  • He shapeshifts every time he hiccoughs or sneezes when drunk.
  • Can't turn down a drink. Period. Hangs out with a lot of dwarves, is all.
  • Can move completely silently when he so desires, despite the former flora and fauna adorning his personage most of the time.
  • Talks like a dwarf due to his extended time in Ironforge.
  • His accent gets thicker the more innebriated he gets.
  • Absently rubs at the brands on his arms and forearms when agitated.
  • While generally calm (if sarcastic), can go into a feral rage that is quite hard to break out of. This can be triggered easily by the Undead or Demons being in close proximity.

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit

  • It's rumored that a large panther has been stalking the streets of Stormwind at night, disposing of would be cut-purses and criminals. The city watch has since recovered a dozen vagrants. Only six were missing limbs.

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