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Elder priest Mandavar Moonleaf is a member of the Shadow Sentinels on the server Moonglade(EU)


Early lifeEdit

Mandavar is born at Hyjal Summit, the place where Nordrassil would grow in the furure. Living with a few Kaldorei up there he wasn't really aware of the happenings on the rest of Kalimdor. Altough both of his parents were hunters Mandavar never got any interest in the art of fighting. However, since his childhood he was becoming more and more obsessed with the White Lady. He followed lessons given by priestresses, visited various temples and shrines.

Priest apprenticeEdit

Mandavar quickly started his priesthood at the local temple. After years of training, studying and learning he finaly became a real priest. However he was assigned only for local duties.


During a regular day of work a messenger rushed to meet Mandavar. He was asked to attend at a meeting with some of the highest priests the Temple knew. Curious about why he was selected, he quickly gathered his equipment and left Hyjal Summit for the first time.

When he reached the city of Suramar he found out that he wasn't the only priest. Many other priests that were eager to meet some of 'the highest priests' where confused by all the rather unkown priests. The High Priestess of Elune showed up to speak to the Kaldorei.

"Priests and priestesses, you came here together because of my letter. I've made a promise to you all. You're here to meet the most important priests that we, children of Elune, can offer. Please, join me into the Temple."

Once in the temple, all there was to see was a gigantic mirror.

"Meet, yourself and all the Kaldorei around you. You are to be the next great priests. Among us is the next High Priestess, some of you will join the Sisters of Elune. While some of you will stay at their local temple. All of the jobs are necessary. But remember, following Her ways is already the greatest honor you can possibly get."

Years passed, eventually the war of the ancients started. As priest Mandavar could offer little more then moral support to the troops. As most Night Elves Mandavar was scarred by the events. The Sundering, and the betrayal of Illidan.

During the first and second war Mandavar, like most of the Night Elves, wasn't involved in any war activities.

During the Third war however, Mandavar took an active role in the war as healing priest. Elune's spirit was strong in Mandavar, very strong.

After the third warEdit

After the destruction of Nordrassil and the whole summit, the priest traveled lonely across the Night Elf territory. He hasn't lost his faith in Elune, but he wasn't a member of the Temple anymore. After a while he strubled on the shores of Teldrassil. Quickly he found Temple of the Moon. The High Priestess convinced Mandavar to rejoin the Temple. Working for the High Priestess herself gave him a big morality boost. Also he gain some reputation as a priest.

After the loss of his homelands of Hyal Summit Mandavar felt like he lost something in his life. He wanted to explore the world beyond the forests. He asked one of the Elder Priests if he was allowed to explore the vast lands of Kalimdor. He now became a missionary of Elune. Full of pride the priest moved out towards the Barrens. Unknowing of the Horde he walked towards the gates. Because he was still in the woods he considered home he was able to run away safely for the chasing Orcs. However, somehow he found his way through the barrens and Thousand Needles.

Quickly he arrived at Theramore Isle. He found out about a ferry towards the Eastern Kingdoms. He really wanted to go, but he had duties at Kalimdor. Whilst exploring further he kept thinking about the Eastern Kingdoms.


Ere'ethil the stormsaber, with armor

When he returned to northern Kalimdor he took the wrong path and got stuck between a pack of hunting night sabers. Because of the love of nature, and the fact that night sabers are ment to be honored he couldn't attack them. And suddenly a stormsaber jumped between him and the pack. The much stronger stormsaber scared the other saber cats away. From that moment Mandavar had his very own pet and mount. Ere'ethil is the name of the proud cat.

Mandavar and his new companion travelled towards Darnassus. Once arived one of the Elder Priestesses dashed towards Mandavar. He was given an asignment, to travel to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City. The eager priest accepted the assignment and mounted up on Ere'ethil to move out to Stormwind city.

All this travelling gave Mandavar a good reputation with the Temple. On one of his visits at the Temple in Darnassus High Priest Tyrande Wisperwind came towards him. Mandavar was asked to investigate lands behind the newly reopened Dark Portal. He also wasn't a missionary anymore. He was given the title of Elder Priest. This meant he was free to roam where ever he wished unless he was send on a quest. But, the exploration of the Outlands was now his most imporant quest.

While roaming through Stormwind City he founded a note hanging on a tree. Some Kaldorei pack organised a event in favor of Elune. Following the directions on the note he came on the shores of Ashenvale. The so called pack that organised it all were called 'the Shadow Sentinels'. Eager to join this pack of traditional Kaldorei he asked around at the event. After contacting a high ranking member called Amiel Nightwisper they arranged a meeting. After the meeting between Mandavar, Amiel and two other high ranked sentinels he was allowed to join the them.


Mandavar is an introvert person. The war made him quiet, or perhaps the lack of it? He obiously lives for Elune, and he isn't afraid to mention that. Elune realy is the center of his life. Besides Elune his passion still lies in exploring and travelling.

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