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Stats Edit

Name: Pejitei Mizu'Ma
Title: Troll Historian
Age: 24 years old
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Amber
Skin color: Milky Cyan
Height: 6' 3
Weight: 140 pounds
Spouse: None
Children: None
Siblings: Younger sister image: Kayani Mizu'Ma
Parents: Living in Sen'Jin village. Father is a former Shadow Hunter & Mother is the village Priest.
Pets: Pejitei has many pets as a Hunter. Animals tend to follow her around (they smell food)

Appearance Edit

Pejitei has long red hair tied in thick braids, and light cyan skin. She always has a patch over her right eye, and there is a three clawed scar over the same eye. She has an average build and tone strong arms.

Personality Edit

Pejitei is a very relaxed and easy going person. She's enjoys helping others and making new friends. Her outgoing personality at times even extends cross faction. Many times she has been seen helping members of the Allaince during times of battle. Cooking and making new items from the leather she skins is a fun and relaxing trade for her. she will often be found cooking when not out adventuring.

Background Edit

Being raised among the clans of the Darkspear tribe. Pejitei moved around from island to island traveling with her family. During this time she grew to love exploring the history of the Troll race. She is well known to be found reading the ancient writings of her forefathers traveling with her Wolf pet Shakazan.

Goals and motivations Edit

Idiosyncrasies Edit

Public knowledge and rumors Edit

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