Mai'lara, in her gear.

Mai'lara is Iogic's alternate personality. She has a disease of the mind called "MPD" short for "Multiple Personality Disorder". Mai'lara is clad in dark, roguish armor it is tight to her body which makes her seem lithe and less thin then she should be. See below for more details. She may seem like a slight Mary-sue type Rogue. Remember this is only a minor side of Iogic's character and do not judge me as a Mary-sue.


    • Full name: Mai'lara (Iogic Rak'shal Runeclaw
    • Title: "Rogue"...Really a druid with MPD
    • Hated with: The Cenarion Circle. ((Refer to Iogic))
    • Height: 7"8'
    • Weight: 540-600 Pounds.
    • Age: 1,238
    • Theme song: I can walk on water - Basshunter
    • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Nihilistic)
    • Mental Disability ( :| ): Paranoid Schizophrenia\MPD (This is her MPD side)
    • Goal: Annihilation of the good and bad.
    • Motive: Her race's adulteration, the adulteration of the world.
    • Quote: "To get people to listen you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore, you must hit them over the head with a sludge hammer, and if they don't listen..end them, the world is better off without, we need to start a new! Fresh!"
    • Relationship: Yes, "mate to Jaina Proudmoore"
    • Specials: Uses her fist weapon well, is very lithe and subtle.



(Taken from Iogic's page directly, nothing has changed about her form, only her personality and armor) Iogic stands roughly at a height of 7"8', 540 pounds though most of her weight seems to shave on account of her height, though she still appears to be on the corpulent side but not obese. Her body has curves and many of them. Her hips stick out as of her robes wrapping snugly around them, so does her chest. Her flesh is a very wan steel color with few scars seen in an erratic pattern along with acute thorns emerging from her very flesh, once more seen in an erratic pattern but spread out all over her body. Seen underneath the leather of her robes are pyramid shapes sticking out from it which are caused by the thorns emerging from her flesh. Her hands are calloused and warn from work, though protruding from the tips of her leather gauntlet's broken tips are her nails. Her nails are acutely sharp and "beastly", almost like something you would find on a bear of sorts. Either they are not taken care of or naturally like this.


Her hood is covering -everything- but her eyes. She is clad in full leather as like Iogic so her hood is made of a toughened up dark brown leather. The front piece covering her mouth is simple black cloth, but over the black cloth is seen extremely thick hide, bent into shape and covering have her face. Protruding from his thick hide are acute spikes that line the bottom of it. Other then that the hood is a light leather which is stitched together with heavy stitching at the top. Her eyes are vaguely seen as the light leather of her hood drapes slightly down over her eyes, covering them slightly. Protruding from the sides and sown onto the sides are two large tusks, obviously hollowed out and there for the looks.

Chest, pants, glovesEdit

"Mai'lara" is seen wearing a full body suit of leather draped over leather. Her chest piece being covered by a long light leather drape that extends from shoulder pad to shoulder pat. The overall color of her outfit is a dark blueish grey metal color and as to be easily shifted into the shadows. There are some rings, hoops threaded through her outfit and hung from them are metal latches which hold together even more layered leather. Her gloves are stretched tightly over her one piece outfit and blends in as they are the same blueish color as she rest. Her fingers are covered but warn. Her pants are the same thing, drapes of leather laying themselves up for a good defense but a lithe one. Seen sticking out from the leather is a stub at her knee, her leg has been severed and all that is left is artificial frame-work holding her up.

Shoulder PadsEdit

Her shoulder pads are not the largest as to not be bulky, but are heavily layered with thick leather. They are the same blueish Grey color as the rest of her outfit. Wrapped tightly around them are the same dark dark blue leather straps as the rest of her outfit. Though they hold something to the shoulder pads that look like decoration at first, but up close they are dagger slid carefully into place, ready to be unsheathed in battle as smoothly as possible.

Psychical DemeanorEdit

Standing at her height this big woman, now clad in such dark armor..May seem imposing to others, or may seem a "Mary-sue stereotype joke" to some (character type matters on your part). Her eyes narrowed and always alert, shifting about hastily her environment. She manages to get a cursory glance in at some people through narrowed eyes and a leer. She is seemingly attempting to be imposing to the best of her extent, chest pumped out and head held high in pride as she carries herself. She walks with strife, limping along on account of her fake leg.

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