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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Lithwyn Horde 15 Moon Guard IconSmall Blood Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 47 Apple Grass Private
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Lithwyn Sensori


A cunning hawk-faced young woman, framed by a head of short dark red hair. A pair of fierce green eyes, a raptorial look and the care-worn face of battle, no one in their right mind would call her a beauty. Lean from training, with a few faint scars from her past battles. Her one remarkable feature is a phoenix in ashes tattoo, red and purple across her back.

More often then not, Lithwyn is on the field of battle somewhere. But when in town, she is usualy wearing a red uniform of a blood knight adept.

She has a vivid character, that rarely shows past the discipline and the sarcastic wit. Her intolerance for pomp and the nobility means she is unwelcome in the aristocracy of Silvermoon. Despite her status, Lithwyn has a fanatical devotion to her people, and a sword to grind with any who would threaten her beloved homeland.

She has a deep loathing of the Alliance, whom she blames for the separation of so many of her kin to the Outlands.


A normal child, growing up in a small village south of Eversong Wood. Her childhood was ordinary, and she spent her time roaming Quel'Thalas. As soon as she was old enough, Lithwyn became a member of the Farstriders, under the Ranger-General Sylvanas. Eager to serve her beloved land, she was content to do her duty on the front line.

Until the Scourge came for Silvermoon.

Her birthplace was destroyed as Arthas drove through the High Elf lines to the Sunwell. When the Blood Elves were betrayed by the Alliance, she was the first to the border, ready to defend against any attack from those who were once allies.

She loathes the Alliance for its betrayal, and after that day her days and nights were concerned with revenge. She started drinking heavily, confined as she was to the Eversong border while they waited for any word from the Outlands. Only the intervention of an old friend and fellow ranger pulled her back together.

When word came to Silvermoon of the new order of Blood Knights forming, Lithwyn set aside her bow and all she had built as a Farstrider and applied to join. Since then, she has been largely a free agent, taking some assignments from the order.

Most of her time is spent abroad, doing what she can to aid their new allies. She still considers Sylvanas to be the Ranger-General she once served, and is often in Undercity seeking to aid the Forsaken.


Retribution and Revenge are the way of the warrior.

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