Jerolan Tera'kuros RuneclawEdit


(Taken directly from his FlagRSP)

"Jerolan is rather tall compared to most folk. His face wrinkled, and hair silvered with ages of wisdom (Though he looks to only be in his mid-fourties.) There is a deep horizontal scar going straight across both of his eyes, but they seem okay otherwise. Also, he bears a leaf-shapped tattoo on his neck, inlaid in a silvery ink (No, it's not magical, just a damned tattoo.)"

Jerolan Crystalsong Forest

Current Family/RelationsEdit

Iogic Runeclaw - Loving mate.

Keanra Shadowmist - (Until recently) unknown daughter who... Pretty much hates him.

Endelos Lan Wilde - One of the few Humans Jerolan trusts.

Allyandre Frostwhisper - Ex-mate... Might be plotting to kill Jerolan.

Ismond Boniface Archibald - A former friend of Jerolan's, whom he tends to distrust after joining the Scarlet March.

Major Lore EventsEdit

War of the Ancients - Fought as a sorcerer of the Moon Guard.

Battle of Mount Hyjal - As with the other Night Elves, he fought to defend the world tree. The end result of the battle led to the destruction of the world tree, and the loss of his immortality.

OOC stuff!Edit

Half-Night Elves: No, unless your character is six years old. Good day.

Demon Hunters: If I see you, I will shoot.

"Feral" Night Elves: ... /facedesk

Level 58-61 Death Knights: t(-.-t)

Iogic - WINGET

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