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Zufli Zandalar Edit

Formerly Anchorite Uyulala, Zufli is a Draenei Priestess whom after a massive head injury and being nursed back to health by the Zandalar Tribe has to relearn everything about her native culture.

She talks like a Troll, practices the Voodoo faith like a Troll, … but she is not blind or crazy - though the latter is debatable. She knows she’s a Draenei and that she needs to learn to live amongst her own kind again, learn the language, and find a place for herself in the Alliance.

Zufli has a crack in her left horn that spiders down to her cheek where it blends into a nasty scar. She tries to style her hair in a tri-hawk, but it keeps flopping over. She is also more comfortable in light tribal clothing.

Anchorite Uyulala Edit

Uyulala was a priestess on the Exodar, who’s primary focus was in healing and diplomacy. She was a quiet demure helpful sort who didn’t tend to stand out in a crowd, and was very devoted to her work and deeply inspired by Velen. Other Draenei from the Exodar might vaguely remember her.

Doing some diplomatic work in Stranglethorn, Uyulala vanished for months. Or perhaps for good, depending on your perspective.

The Zandalar Edit

After a serious blow to the head somewhere off the coast of Stranglethorn, the Draenei woman was rescued by the Zandalar. She had no memory before waking up there. Not the accident, the Exodar’s crash, her career as a healer, even her name and language… it was all gone.

It was obvious though by her garb and gifts that she had been a priestess, so she was nicknamed “Zufli” – baby witch- as she was nursed back to health and taught Common (since they didn’t know her native language) as well as their version of the priestly arts. Even though she’s centuries older than they, the childlike perspective of her amnesia and being a female priest the name seemed to fit and amused her caretakers.

Zufli adored them, and made herself at home there. When a party from the Exodar stumbled upon them, the Trolls encouraged her to rejoin her own kind. She may have considered herself part of the tribe, but that didn't mean they did. Reluctantly, Zufli agreed to go. She took her pet snake with her, which she named Island. A little piece of “home” to keep.

Present Edit

Zufli’s current existence is an awkward one. She has a lot of respect for Velen and does her best to serve in the interest of peace and survival. She’s not entirely sure how to interact with her allies, however. She has trouble expressing herself, and isn’t quite willing to give up her tribal comforts to fit in. She feels a bit more comfortable with Draenei Shaman these days than the priesthood she was once a part of, even though her own beliefs don’t quite mesh there either.

She still spends a lot of time in Stranglethorn, but travels around quite a bit these days. She’s not the healer or diplomat she once was, but her Voodoo knowledge and unique view of the world still have their uses.

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