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If you happen to look down, you may see this little Gnome, which was a terribly redundant thing to say.

Most people tend to notice the bright, cotton candy pink hair before anything else, despite the majority of the hair in question not being on the top of Zook's head. He may tell you that he's not balding should it be obvious that you're staring, it's simply that his hair is sliding down onto his face and will no longer stick to his scalp. The hair that remains on this Gnome's head is mostly on the edges and appears to be somewhat wild and unkempt, which is a bit of an odd contrast to the meticulously waxed mustache and well groomed beard. While there may be some deep, soul-rending story of hair loss heartbreak and humiliation with the young ladies behind all of it, he really has just given up on trying to tame what's left on his scalp.

Zookmottin's eyes are a vibrant green, but they should not be mistaken for anything silly like "fel tainted". They're just standard, non-glowing, green variety eyeballs. If someone were peer deeply and oh-so-searchingly into his little green eyes they would most likely see his retinas (though this may require the use of some sort of very bright light) and may blind him in the process of so doing. Please do not look that closely; Zookmottin enjoys being able to see.

He has a tendency to wear robes, sandals (Sometimes with socks! For shame!) and goggles. Most days, he even puts them on in the correct order and place. Zookmottin may, at any given time, appear to be slightly lost or bewildered.

He is quite literal most times, especially when it comes to a sense of humor involving wordplay. This becomes fairly obvious to most if any time is spent speaking to him.


You nosy little Trogg!

Goals and motivationsEdit

Does it explode? If so, it motivates and is a goal!

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