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Age App. 44 ((App. 19 in human years.))
Height 6'7"
Weight 187 lbs
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color White
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Siblings N/A
Parents Alive
Pets N/A


She has a darker skin tone than most draenei, and has large horns coming out of the top of her head. She keeps her straight long white hair pulled back in a ponytail with a few strands hanging around her face.

Her light blue eyes burn bright with an inner fiery passion. Her face is slender and while not strikingly beautiful, she does have a pretty face. Her body is toned from running and fighting, but she seems graceful and lithe.


The thing that sticks out the most about Zhyliia is her extreme curiosity. She constantly gets herself into trouble with asking questions or doing fairly silly things.

Zhyliia for the most part is not completely shy, but she can be in large groups or gatherings. She’s kind and considerate, but has a fiery temper when provoked. Zhyliia will shrug off praise of any sort, not accepting or denying it, simply just choosing not to acknowledge praise. She cares deeply for her friends and her people, though she has an uncaring attitude towards other races.


The smell of smoke filled the air as blazing fires burned the small homes of a village. A small draenei girl stood staring at the flames as they ate away at the building before her. A female draenei grabbed the girl’s hand and drug her away from the building, crying a name into the chaos. She stopped suddenly and pulled the girl behind her as an Orc stepped into view, wielding a large axe. As the Orc raised the axe above his head to strike down the female, a hammer crashed into the Orc’s head, twisting it to a strange angle as the body slumped to the ground. A male draenei grabbed the female’s hand and the three made their way into the silent forest beyond.

For as long as Zhyliia can remember, she has been surrounded with battle and war. Her dreams were plagued with visions of a burning village that she could only trace back to nightmares induced by listening to constant stories of the refugees. Zhyliia was raised among a nomadic clan of warriors and from a young age was taught how to fight and defend herself. Her family was devout to the Light and taught Zhyliia daily about their history and about the naaru, so much so that instead of following the path of a warrior like most in her family, she began studying as a paladin.

Zhyliia was born as the Orcs started becoming corrupted and practicing shadow magic, not long before they started slaughtering her people. Her clan took in a few refugees and protected them from the Orc’s brutality, moving around Draenor frequently while making their own means to survive. They kept to themselves, rarely going into large settlements and only then to trade. They managed to keep safe in Nagrand as Draenor was torn asunder and heard only rumors of the Exodar’s flight. When new races from Azeroth began coming to Draenor, the clan started becoming more sociable and establishing more trade with newly repaired Shattrath.

During one such visit, Zhyliia strayed from her clan to explore the city alone. She wandered into the main room of Shattrath, marveling at A’dal and the several portals surrounding the room. She watched for several minutes as various people disappeared at portals before her curiosity became too much. Walking up to one portal and holding out a hand, she suddenly found herself standing in the Mage’s Tower of Stormwind.

Zhyliia wandered the strange city in a daze, and eventually found herself quite lost. A kindly shaman found her and began teaching her of the land she had stumbled into. Zhyliia picked up on the common language quite quickly and after finding a common religious style in the humans, began working for the Cathedral of Stormwind as an apprentice paladin.

Goals and MotivesEdit

Currently, Zhyliia is trying to find her way back to Draenor and reunite with her clan.


Zhyliia looks up to her friend Lograine with admiration and aspires to be like him in many ways. She respects him for his strength and honor in battle, as well as his positive outlook on all people.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

Zhyliia is unknown. No information can be gathered, but perhaps you should try talking to her.

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