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Zeymon Cille Verantier (pronounced ZYE-mun see-uhl vuh-RON-tee-eh), Age 22, is a Paladin and crewmember of the Blueskull Buccaneers, currently based in Stormwind City.

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Standing a shade over 6 feet tall, and weighing a bit less than 200 pounds, Zeymon is not the most imposing human you will ever meet. Though muscular in his own right, he tends to wear subdued clothing, and prefers not to draw attention to that aspect of his visage. He has shoulder-length, raven black hair, and a small goatee, accentuating a boyish face with a prominent nose. Despite admitting to be a Paladin, and claiming to follow the ways of the light, he is seen wearing black more often than not, most times with dark or light blue accents. Recently, he can be found in standard Blueskull attire during official functions.


Zeymon is generally quiet and reserved in public. Although he makes friends easily, he prefers to watch and learn about those around him before interacting with them. He speaks in a learned, deliberate manner, and in soft tones in an effort to put those around him at ease. With those he considers friends, he allows more of his true social nature to shine through. He has a sarcastic sense of humor, and can be boisterous and loud when comfortable, but never with the intent to do any emotional harm. He is fiercely protective of his friends, to the point of becoming impulsive in his efforts to defend them. He has even been known to attack those who might possibly be innocent, if he believes they intend to harm anyone he cares about. Though well versed in military strategy, tactics, geography, and philosophy, he is constantly wary, and at times, even deathly afraid of making mistakes, whether on the battlefield, in diplomacy, or simply with friends.

Due to events from his past, Zeymon despises religious zealotry and fanaticism of any sort. The Scarlet Crusade and anyone similar in ideology are first on his list of most hated people. He is tired of the war, and fights with a single mind to see it to its conclusion. He harbors a vicious hatred of the Burning Legion, and a less intense dislike of all Horde, save the Sin'dorei. His exact reason for excluding them from his dislike is unknown, however speculation tends to turn toward a locket that he has been seen with, etched with Sin'dorei script.


Zeymon was born in Ironforge to Sayzor and Saren Verantier. His parents, born and raised as followers of the light in Stormwind, had been sent on a diplomatic mission to the priesthood of the Dwarven capital.

Zeymon spent most of his early life in Ironforge. His father, a Paladin, was often away from their temporary home, abroad on various missions on behalf of the light, much of this time embedded in the efforts of the alliance to recover after the Second War. Alone more often than not, a young Zeymon spent countless hours in the Library of Ironforge, studying with the Dwarves there. Eventually Sayzor was called to Hearthglen, and found himself there during the attack by the Scourge at the onset of the Third War. Chosen to serve in the group sent to purge Stratholme, the act itself turned Sayzor from a level-headed follower of the light, into a fanatic madman.

Returning from the massacre, Sayzor ranted and raved constantly about the light, purging the Undead from the face of Azeroth, and obliterating all who stood in the way of these goals. Zeymon saw much of these ravings, however, his knowledge and view of the world was skewed in his mother's favor, as she did not approve of her husband's newfound fanatcism, and sought constantly to shelter young Zeymon from becoming tainted by the lust for blood. Relations between his father and mother soured and gradually deteriorated over the next few years during the third war, as she simply couldn't tolerate his zealotry any longer. Yet, it all came to a head one fateful evening.

Visiting that evening for dinner was a long time friend of the family, Fecilia Durant, a passive and quiet Warlock, who used her knowledge of the demonic to thwart the efforts of the Burning Legion at every possible turn. An argument ensued between Sayzor and Fecilia, during which a demon was summoned and, Sayzor, taking it as a threat, and driven to fanatacism as he had become, moved to cut her down in cold blood. Unfortunately, he hadn't counted on his wife taking the intended blow.

Horrified at what he had done, and blaming Fecilia, he carried through with his original plan, slaughtering Fecilia, and then turning the blade on himself as a horrified Zeymon fled from the house in a panic. Returning some time later, he found his Mother conscious, yet barely clinging to life. With her dying breaths she bestowed upon him her sword, a defensive blade, as well as the locket that he carries, and her last words, "Your father was a good man. You shall be as well, do not blame him."

Zeymon, with nowhere to go, yet wanting to make a difference, traveled to Theramore to enlist and serve under Jaina Proudmoore, who he saw as the acting leader of the alliance. Zeymon spent a year in Theramore as a soldier, learning the ways of the Paladin. After the required year, he traveled to Stormwind, his parents' former home, to continue his training. During menial tasks in the outlying lands, he ran into Kynaie Hartlyn. The two became fast friends, and she introduced him to Captain Kellethin of the Blueskull Buccaneers, where he currently serves as a Crewman and combat specialist.

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