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Zaram Duskwind has pale blue skin with long navy blue hair and a slightly long beard. He stands at just over seven feet tall, the average for his people. His muscles are prominent, though his skin is soft and mostly unscarred. His eyes are gold, like most Kal'dorei, and usually they have a happy gleam to them, to match the smile he keeps on his face, as a personal reminder that things always get better.

His wardrobe is simple, consisting of leather armor, his tabard and a set of robes he wears for when he's not working. Whatever he's wearing, he never looks very druidic. Zaram was never one to wear anything leafy or nature-themed.


Zaram is a very kind person. Though shy around new people, once he gets to know someone he is very social. He doesn't like to fight unless provoked, and when in battle he is focused, powerful and fierce. Though he doesn't show it on the outside, the loss of his father and brother and the state of his mother has left him deeply affected inside.


Zaram Duskwind was born in Auberdine, exactly when, he has forgotten. He likes to say he was born "Before your grandfather was a lustful glint in your great-grandfather's eye." He is a member of a long line of powerful druids, and has followed that legacy in becoming a druid himself. His mother is Arch Druid Astrella Duskwind, while his father, now deceased, was a warrior who died in the Battle of Mount Hyjal. His late younger brother, Kalzaram Duskwind, also a warrior (to honor his father) died in the line of duty. That coupled with the loss of her husband has driven Astrella to the brink of insanity. Zaram prefers not to talk of these events, though it is obvious they have affected him, even though he doesn't show it.

Goals and motivationsEdit

What Zaram strives for in life is unknown, except to him. He doesn't discuss his goals with most people. He is driven by a desire for peace and pacifism, much like many druids. What he has never told anyone, nor will he ever, is that deep down he wants vengeance. The Horde killed his brother, the Burning Legion killed his father, and he wants to get rid of both.


  • It is known around bars in Stormwind that Zaram cannot hold his ale for the life of him, and yet he continues to drink. His favorite is Darkmoon Sepcial Reserve, which isn't a very good choice. One sip and he's practically hammered.
  • Unlike most Night Elves, he does not hate High Elves, though that may be just because of where he grew up. Auberdine is one of the very few Night Elven settlements that will accept a High Elf.
  • Also due to where he grew up, Zaram loves the water and boats, though he doesn't like Aquatic form much. One of his favorite places to be is on a boat on the ocean, at sunset with no land in sight.

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