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He’s not someone who would stand out in a crowd, being fairly average looking for a human. His face is oval shaped with fairly bushy eyebrows overtop almond shaped brown eyes. His nose is slightly large and his lips are a bit on the full end with a goatee trimmed around his mouth and chin. His hair is beginning to gray from a reddish brown and is cut just about shoulder length. It’s parted on the left side and hangs near his right eye. His body is pretty muscular and solid, but not stocky or obviously buff.


Zarack is easy going except when lives are in danger or he is pushed to the point of snapping. He’s deadly serious when needed to be, otherwise he’s quick with a joke and smile.


Zarack was born in Stormwind before the Dark Portal had been opened. His father was a cleric of Northshire Abbey and his mother was a simple commoner. He had barely grown into a toddler when the First War began and lost his father to the brutal Orcs before he ever really knew him. His mother took him from Stormwind and joined the other refugees traveling to the northern kingdom of Lordaeron. His mother and him lived in the small village of Ironbury, finding whatever peace and comfort they could in life. After moving to the village, his mother remarried a carpenter. After three years of living in relative peace, they had a son named Dareus.

As Zarack grew older he was enthralled by the tales of knights and paladins and would often dream of joining their ranks. He would often pour over tomes preaching the word of the Holy Light and memorized the three virtues. When he was old enough, his mother sent him to live his dream and become a page for the Silver Hand.

Zarack as a young page.

Zarack spent many years in the life of a page, but though it was never easy he didn’t ever give up or complain too much. As the years went by, Zarack grew into a fine young man who upheld the three virtues to a fault. Upon his knighting, he was given the title “The Resplendent”. He joined the Silver Hand as a low ranking paladin and began to live his dream.

At about that time the first signs of the Scourge were beginning to appear in the world and Zarack did his part defending his people from the threat. When Arthas took a contingent of knights in Stratholme, Zarack was not among them. When Zarack heard about the disbanding of the Silver Hand, he was infuriated at Uther’s death and the betrayal of Arthas. He vowed vengeance upon the Scourge and Arthas, thus turning down a dark path. He spent some time talking with the new Scarlet Crusade but ended up not joining them, for he believed that they no longer followed the path they did when Mograine the Elder was their leader.

He continued his one-man war against the Scourge that eventually brought him to the Plaguelands. At the plea for help from Chromie, he began to unravel the tale of Darrowshire. He began looking for fellow adventurers to aid him in the Battle for Darrowshire. The most notable of his comrades was a Night Elf priestess named Syae who openly practiced shadow magic. Zarack was at first untrusting of her due to his inexperience with Night Elves and her tampering with shadow magic. After the battle, they were the only two survivors of the group and being impressed by her battle prowess they began to travel together.

Zarack and Syae meet at Darrowshire.

They slowly formed a friendship and at the opening of the Dark Portal they answered the call for heroes in the Outlands. Zarack was amazed that many of the heroes who ventured into the Dark Portal were still alive. He became determined to discover if Turalyon was as well.

A few years of searching passed while they grew closer to each other. Northrend was finally seen as the threat it was and adventures began to go and attempt to stop the Scourge. They managed to find Turalyon and Zarack spent several days speaking with Turalyon, who helps him come to terms with the past. Zarack and Syae then travel to Northrend where they witness the reformation of the Silver Hand. Zarack renews his vows as a protector of the people and joins the newly reformed Silver Hand. During this time, Syae and Zarack’s relationship grew into devotion and love for one another. They pledged their love and got married a few years later.

They spent the next ten years continuing their travels and righting wrongs whenever they could lend a hand. They did several things with the Bronze Dragonflight that led to a fateful day.

At the call of the Bronze Dragonflight, Zarack and Syae gathered with many other adventures to listen to the Aspect’s plea. He told them the Emerald Dream was in great danger and was starting to affect Azeroth deeply. There were signs in the past that were ignored, but if some people were to go back and do something about these things the Emerald Dream would be saved. The Aspect then gave them a warning, for those who decided to help and go into the past; there would be no return for them. The future would be altered to the point of bringing them back would severely splinter the time waves. Several people declined aid while a few agreed to help. Syae was distraught at the thought of her father and her people being trapped in the Nightmare and offered her aid. Zarack came with her, not wishing to be parted from her side forever. With the rest of the group, they were transported back into the past to an all too familiar setting.

Goals and MotivesEdit

Currently his biggest goal is to help find the signs in the past so he can complete the mission he was sent back for. He strives to be a good husband even though sometimes he worries that even though Syae may be mortal she doesn’t appear to be aging much.



Zarack was at first cautious and untrusting of Syae for being both a Night Elf and practicing shadow magic. But through conversations with other Night Elves he came to understand her past and the reason for the path she had taken. Once she started opening up and started talking with him, they began to form a friendship, which later blossomed into love. After he rejoined the Silver Hand, they happily married. Not wishing to ever part from each other’s sides, they often travel together and are rarely seen apart. He hopes one day she might find the light again, but doesn’t want to push her.

Zarack and Syae married at the Stormwind Cathedral.

Zarack and Dareus have never gotten along very well. He was always the little brother who was too young to do anything with and as Dareus grew older he pushed Zarack even further away. Zarack is sad that they never really got to know each other and feels it’s too late at this point to really even try.

Zarack remembers Kiearah as just a young village girl who he would tell stories to. He doesn’t remember her name or who she was anymore.


  • Zarack can't stand the new Scarlet Crusade.
  • Zarack is always willing to aid those in need.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

If you were to look for records of Zarack, you could find an entry in the Church records of him starting as a page for the Silver Hand and working his way up to become a paladin and earning the title “The Resplendent”. A short record can be found of his involvement in the Third War fighting with the Silver Hand. A record of a brother named Dareus can be found as well.

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