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Mama Zani is a troll fortune teller, interpreting signs from the spirits for the benefit of those who ask.


Zani is a weathered, middle-aged troll with a savage glint in her eye. She wears her bright pink hair in a trihawk and dangling braids adorned with small bone carvings. She favors tribal-styled robes.


Zani is usually good-humored and takes pride in her tribal role as a spirit-talker. She will always help a troll in need and is generally supportive of the rest of the horde, though she distrusts warlocks (for keeping spirits captive) and forsaken (for not being dead like they should be). She is territorial and will not hesitate to attack alliance members who trespass on horde lands, but she is reluctant to attack them on their own.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

With the Darkspears' assimilation into the horde, Zani's main motivation is to keep trolls from losing their cultural identity by preserving their old ways and rituals.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

Zani is usually willing to do a fortune reading for anyone who asks. She is a frequent defender of the horde's interests in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. It's said that she eats the hearts of her more powerful slain enemies.

External linksEdit

  • Armory Zanishanti's Armory Profile.

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