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General InformationEdit


Name: Yaia Mystral
Gender: Female
Race: Draenei
Age: Adulthood
Faction: Alliance
Class: Aspiring Paladin
Guild: None.
Guild Rank: N/a.


Tall and slender, draenei woman stands a generous height with her digigrade legs ending in cloven hooves; her crown of long, healthy white hair styled in a traditional way atop her head and tumbling in straight lengths down her back. Skin is a soft, pale blue with an white highlight to it and lacking any noticable scarring or blemishes on it's visable areas. At her temples, her horns grow in an elegant ram-style curve and have subtle indentations that indicate each year of life.
She is well groomed and clean, always wearing lovingly polished armor or when relaxing she will be in comfortable, well-tailored dresses, and- should her legs been seen when in relaxed attire -above both of her hooves' crowns, thin gold chains with a single naaru-inspired pendant on each. Never one for flashy jewelry, she is generally not seen wearing much of it.


Yaia ©

Skin Colour: Pale blue, appears almost white in some lighting.
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Blue; glowing. No noticable pupils.
Height: Approx. 6ft 1in at crown.
Weight: 137lb unarmored.
Relaxed Clothing: Wears loose dresses that are well tailored; occasionally in pants and a nice top.
Armor: Armor is usually draenic forged for preference, though she is seen in azerothian race forged armor.
Reference art coming soon.

Personality, Hobbies & QuirksEdit

Yaia is a quiet, shy draenic woman with a love for the light. Keeping mostly to herself, Yaia only speaks when spoken to and is usually engrossed reading a book or writing in a journal to keep herself busy. When dressed for battle, her personality is one of confidence in taking orders and following them through- but once she is in more relaxing clothing, her personality shifts to timidness and the awkwardness associated with such.
Hobbies: Reading; singing; journal writing.
Quirks: Shyly scuffs her hooves on the ground in uncomfortable situations.

Family & RelationsEdit

Direct familyEdit

Significant Other: None.
Personal Offspring: None.
Mother: Vaskalia Mystral
Father: Unknown.
Siblings: Unknown.

Other RelativesEdit

Unknown at this time as her family got skattered with the fleeing in Exodar.

Allies & Known FoesEdit

To be written.


To be written.

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