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  • Name: Xantenise Elise Marahna Solliden
  • Age: Twenty five
  • Race: Undead
  • Height: Five foot five
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Skin: Pale
  • Siblings: Dusty Solliden (known as "Dustyra", played) (undead), Samuel Solliden (dead), Roran Solliden (status unknown).
  • Parents: Simon Solliden, Marahna Solliden
  • Children: Malin Solliden (deceased), Asher Solliden (deceased)


Xantenise almost looks perfectly human, but for pale grey skin. Her once-golden hair now hangs lank and darker.


  • Xantenise has been known to completely bewilder people with her mood swings and contradictive mannerisms. Mostly, she's cheerful, but when angry she can become blind in her fury.
  • She has an extremely annoying habit of letting off a chain of what sounds like Nerubian in the middle of conversations. Xantenise has said, "It's 'cause I'm too much of a coward to say it in Orcish to your face."
  • Xantenise has a morbid fear of pumpkins.
  • Though she loves wearing pretty dresses and brushes her hair so often she's often described as "vain", Xantenise loves getting muck all over herself.
  • Xantenise loves her family - Dusty, Nadim and Jezhe - more than herself and would and has almost died fighting for them, even when they've tried to give up on their own battles, much to their annoyance.


Shortly before the invasion of Northrend, Xantenise disappeared with her sister, nephew and niece on a voyage across the sea to "discover new worlds, 'cause this one sucks." Recently, however, there have been rumours of her upcoming return.

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