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Xanni Vennray is one of very few left of her family. She has been known to quickly switch allegiances as she sees opportunities, and be very quick to abandon all aquaintances at the drop of a hat. Only one has remained by her side for many years: her childhood friend, Imlell Leyadorei.


Xanni is a fairly typical blood elf, in that she is slim, carries herself high and has pristine hair. She is of average height, and her hair is almost golden in color, falling almost to shoulder length. Her expression is at best a disinterested, glazed, and blank expression, at worst a scowl of annoyance.


Xanni is and always has been snippy, arrogant, condescending, and sometimes just downright rude. She tolerates her allies and eliminates her enemies, and seems to care about very little except the aquisition of power and renown.

Goals & MotivationsEdit

Xanni seeks power and renown above all else. If someone gets in her way, she either shoves them aside or eliminates them, depending on both her mood and the person in question.

No one knows Xanni's goals, if she indeed has any. Her path is erratic and constantly changing, so her target is hard to see.



Pregame historyEdit

Ingame historyEdit

Xanni was once a member of the controversial House Silvacce, under the leadership of Prince Vladimyr Silvacce. Why she joined is unclear, but her ties to the House were weak, and she severed her connection upon the death of the Prince.
She formed the Nightshade Circle with her constant companion, Imlell, as a mercenary band of similar ideals, and she passed on the lack moral restrictions on what she will do for power or gold to the rest of her band, which is known to include at least one Warlock.

Public Knowledge & RumorsEdit

Xanni is known to have been the bearer of bad news to Imlell, telling her of the death of her betrothed, Turas Silvacce.
It is rumored that Xanni orchestrated the death of said soldier, having some grudge against either him or his House and seeking to prevent Imlell's entry into the House. If this rumor is true, then Imlell's insistence on upholding her agreement to join the House regardless must have frustrated the priestess immensely.

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