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Abbigail Weller is an undead shadow priest on the realm of Moon Guard with known ties to the Forsaken Defilers.


A pair of thin-wire spectacles perched daintily along the bridge of a feminine nose. They made humble features all the more mousey, thin gray lips and alert, butter yellow eyes. Hair was cut neatly, short, coarse as straw and black as soot. Although the undeath has and continues to take its toll on her looks, her rounded features and faint curves suggest her still -- and forever -- a youthful girl.

Plague spots curse her face with no remorse, going so far as to dabble her neck and shoulders beneath her robes, the only thing that seems to give the girl any color. She shuffles along in small, hasty steps, usually cradling some form of literature in her brittle arms. Large metal links are fashioned around her waist as if they were a shoddy, makeshift belt, bearing a smaller book, however thick and weathered it appears. The stench of death hangs heavy, though whose it is not certain, and mingles with a fleeting whiff of dandelions.


In life, Abbigail Weller was a very intelligent and optimistic young woman. Since undeath, her optimism has grown cold and twisted into hate and revenge. A great deal of the time, she seems merely tired, or out of place. On the other hand, Weller tends to be extremely morbid and spiteful, going out of her way to anger or frighten someone. Her attitude hints narcissism casually, but she seems to know where her strengths and weaknesses lie.


Abbigail was born into a middle-class family within the walls of Stratholme. She was the second child, her elder a sister named Isabelle. Her father was a traveling practitioner for the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms. Abbigail's mother was to have another child two years after her, but both her mother and sibling-to-be died during childbirth.

Family life was typical. Their father being away so often, Abbigail and Isabelle would usually be left in the care of their aunt until Isabelle was old enough to marry. Her suitor was a tailor, who owned a small shop within the city's walls. Abbigail eventually moved in with the couple when she turned fifteen. A year after, she began her training at the local orphanage as a matron, tending to the children and keeping the place tidy.

Other than the fact that Abbigail Weller died from the plague, little is known about what she had done the days before her demise, or the whereabouts and time of her death.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

Currently, miss Weller is diligently training and hardening herself for a return to Stratholme, not only for closure, but to see if there is any possible way for her to assist in its cleansing and eventual rebirth.

She has also found a place among the Forsaken Defilers, recruited after befriending an applied magic instructor known as Lucerne Chambers. She has been enlisted as an instructor for divine magic, teaching the Holy (and Unholy) to new students and trainees. Her job, she finds, both aids in her goal towards returning to Stratholme, and also to keep herself busy.

Public knowledge and RumorsEdit

- On occasions, Abbigail has been witnessed being followed by a small silver tabby, who she has awkwardly named, "Babbakin."

- Abbigail rarely goes to Silvermoon City, unless dire circumstances are involved. It has been (more than) hinted that she has a deep loathing for most Blood Elves. However, her opinion on Night Elves and High Elves is left to be determined.

- It has been stated that Abbigail Weller has kept a surprisingly coordinated ear for music, and is said to have a rather efficient capacity for playing the fiddle. However, whether this has carried over to her undeath is unknown.

- The priestess is constantly seen fixing and wearing a pair of spectacles. It is unclear, however, if she truly needs them for her sight or not.

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