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Weir is an Undead Rogue on the realm of Moon Guard. (Updated 4/8/08)

Basic Info Edit

  • Full Name: Alexander Douglas Weir
  • Nicknames: Alex, Cap'n, Jack of Spades (Self)
  • Age: Died at 16, human years. Actual time spent "alive" is roughly thirty human years.
  • Height: About 5'7".
  • Marital Status: Single. Kind of.
  • Siblings: Avus Weir (Status Unknown)
  • Parents: Master and Commander Joseph Weir (Presumed Deceased) and Mary Susan "Susie Q" Qui-Weir (Deceased).

Appearance Edit

The Edmond Dantes type turned Cyrano De Bergerac, this undead rogue looks quite possibly like the type who had once been some sort of literary charmer in his human days, a swordsman and womanizer. Now, he's dead and rotten, although he's retained some of his obvious charisma. He usually has his head in some kind of red, usually the Red Defias Mask, and around his eyes is a simple blindfold for this blind bastard. His leather is simple, and form fitting, light for speed, but hardened to take a blade or two. The tabard he wears is a simple white spade on a black body, with a simple white trim, the spade of Veldbarad.

He also seems to have a bit of a flowery scent, most often roses. The rogue has an array of accents he chooses from as well, usually focusing on one or two depending on his general mood.

Complete History Edit

Alexander is literally a child of the sea, born somewhere off the coast of Lordaeron, in the North Sea to the then First Mate Joseph Weir and his assumed wife, Susan Qui-Weir. Though his history and that of the intertwined Veldbarad Bornevalesh, the infamous pirate guild, are largely unspoken of, Alexander has leaked some of his past, along with that of Veldbarad's, both of whom's source is Joseph Weir. Alexander's life, because of his father's and mother's, grew up primarily on the sea, spending his first thirteen years on the deck of the Spade, including finding his first love Valerie aboard the ship. After his father's coup, mutiny, and eventual commandeering of the ship, Alexander spent his time mostly on the Crow's Nest, eventually landing him a job as Third Mate and Cartographer. His mother, however, grew weary of the recently ended Second War, and through her persuasion, the Weir family, along with several family friends and servants (including Valerie), moved to land, landing in South Shore and starting a farm in Hillsbrad.

His father continued his smuggling operations, for harvest was not plentiful enough to support the family financially after Susan gave birth to Avus, four years prior. To help with the poor harvest, Avus was sent to Dalaran to learn some sort of school of magic, and Joseph would stay at sea at longer intervals. About a month later, Susan died of an unknown disease, although Alexander and Joseph were speculative to believe that the disease may have been contributed from the growing plague in Lordaeron. Joseph immediately goes out to sea to sail once more, however when he does not return after a month passes, Alexander and Valerie sell the farmstead and use the money to sail and find his father.

Their finances manage to take them quite far, however they find a steady job as grifters in Booty Bay, where they run into the Spade again, a stronger Veldbarad Bornevalesh, and the newly-appointed Captain Hanharr. A mix up with the Booty Bay Bruisers leads to an open brawl, and Alexander finds himself First Mate of the Spade, Hanharr having been captured, where he makes several attempts at his rescue, all but one failing and resulting in casualties.

This spur of drama and failed rescues demoralizes the boy, and he tries to quit the criminal life altogether, moving to Lordaeron, where he meets with his aged brother in the midst of a falling kingdom. He learns of Prince Arthas's betrayal and the plague that controls the Scourge. As a last gift, Hanharr leaves the Spade to Alex, Avus, and Valerie, and the two use it to patrol the western beach of Tirisfal, stealing food and resources to stay alive. He fails, however, when he becomes infected and then caught by the Scarlet Monastery. His eyes are gouged by consecrated daggers, and he is cast into a pit to be burnt. How he survives never becomes clear, but he awakes as a Forsaken, drawn uneasily into the command of Varimathras...

After his initiation as a Deathstalker, he is found by Miss Arcanaa, where he is inducted into her home in Lordaeron and born as an <Exile>, but he leaves to join the travelling <Alah'ni Militia>. However, Veldbarad Bornevalesh regroups in Silvermoon, with Captain Hanharr back in charge, and this leads Alexander to rejoin his old crew...

Interests Edit

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