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Vijaya is a wandering girl from Hillsbrad who does not necessarily have a home at this point. She currently serves with the Hand of Lothar, returning after spending some time with the Bloodsunder Raiders.


Vijaya stands 180 cm tall (or 5 feet 9 inches) with a slim figure. She has jet black hair pulled back into a ponytail, which rests atop her dark-skinned face.

Vijaya's eyes are often very busy looking, flickering about and studying her surroundings closely, hinting that she is always thinking deeply.

Vijaya's face is often said to be very pretty, though some have admitted that they've avoided talking to her merely because she looks like one of those "pretty but very mean and rude" girls.


Vijaya's quirky, reckless behavior and unusual dialect give her a tomboy-like demanour. Unknown to many though, it is all an act she puts on to avoid having men flirt with her endlessly.

In reality, Vijaya is very intelligent and well grounded. She also has a superb education and is very observant.


Vijaya is from the town of Hillsbrad. She led a quiet, boring life as the daughter of two farming parents.

Recently, she was to be married through arrangement to a soldier in the Argent Dawn named Rodelo. She refused to accept the man, as she did not like him at all and wanted a traditional marriage.

She decided that she did not want to go through with it. Gathering her life savings, she ran away to Stormwind.

Interestingly, Vijaya also only has half of her soul in her body after an encounter with a warlock. Vijaya had wished to have a spiritual, out of body experience. The warlock she sought the help of pretended to go along with Vijaya until the end, when while returning Vijaya to her body from the soul shard she inhabited, the warlock only returned half of her while leaving the other half of Vijaya's soul in the soul shard. After much pleading and eventually threatening to slit the warlock's throat, Vijaya was able to retrieve the shard containing her other half, which she now carries on her.

Vijaya has sensed no notable changes as a result of being split in such a manner, though she is paying close attention to everything she thinks, feels, and does.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • To lead a quiet, normal life somewhere in Stormwind territory.
  • Not to wed the man she is arranged to be married to, Rodelo.
  • To become a successful poet.


  • Vijaya is arranged to be married to a man whom she detests named Rodelo, a soldier in the Argent Dawn.
  • Her closest friends include a gnome named Scarvise who Vijaya likes to confide in, and Chriander, a man whom she has feelings for but rarely sees.


  • Has the wonderful gift of being able to out-drink almost anyone who comes her way without even getting drunk.
  • Does not like arrogant or stupid people, and will often curse them out in a foreign language.
  • Has a bad habit of trying to put the happiness of others ahead of her own.

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