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Trinea Corringthon is a level 70 mage on the server Moon Guard.


Trinea is a bland and unremarkable-looking figure of a Sin'dorei female. She would never be called pretty by someone who wasn't a personal friend. She has short, straight hair with ragged, unkempt edges in a father here-nor-there darkish brown color. Her eyes are the common luminescent green of all her race. Slender and shorter than average, she prefers to dress plainly to avoid drawing attention to ehrself. If someone got close enough to her, they might possibly be able to see the faint traces of silvery scarring on her face and neck. At the same time they might also notice that her eyes are slightly unfocused. The majority of the time this vision impairment is corrected by a thin pair of wire-rimmed spectacles. Trinea appears roughly as age sixteen in human years.


The first thing someone would notice about Trinea Corringthon is- well, nothing. She is terribly shy and introverted, and as a result of this does her best to blend into any crowd she finds herself in. This happens often, even within her own church. She does not readily speak up in most situations unless she is extremely comfortable with a person, instead demurring to anyone else involved that she feels has more practical life experience or a more articulate way of speaking and handling the situation. The young mage was coddled by her adopted father to the point where she shows a tendancy towards extreme naivete, though she has enough formal education. She is sweet and caring towards her friends and even strangers, with a wont to approach people who look sad for the sole purpose to try and uplift them through the teachings of the Light. In fact, the only time she could be considered outgoing in any way is when she speaks of the Light. Trinea always seeks out the best in people, occasionally to her own near downfall. Since she is such a forthright and trusting individual, she cannot possibly conceive that others might not be the same way. For this reason, she has had several instances where she's unwittingly given out sensitive information to a cunning enemy. Fortunately at this point, a major incident as a result of this has been avoided.


The woman now known as Trinea Corringthon fought in the Third War, healing the troops who fought the Burning Legion as a holy Priestess. Stationed in what is now known as the Plaguelands, one battle decimated her company, and the young priestess herself suffered severe wounds and a blow to the head. Left for dead, she awoke sometime later with no conscious memory of who she was or why she was in that horrid landscape. Several years passed and the woman struggled to survive, wandering pruposelessly through the Plaguelands and managing to stay alive by sheer luck alone.

After accidentally stumbling upon the Scourge one day the priestess nearly lost her life again, but was rescued in the nick of time by a forsaken mage named Aeldrick Corringthon. His pyroblast saved her from certain death- or, in the worst possible case, undeath and servitude to the Lich King- but it also blinded her and caused burns on her face, neck, and chest. Healing the young woman as best he could with his meager first aid skills, Corringthon brought her to his home on the outskirts of Lordaeron.

Over time the two became like family. The struggling and unsure young woman was renamed Trinea- meaning "holy fire"- by her adopted father, who trained her up to be a mage like himself. They lived a happy and relatively peaceful life until Corringthon was called away to defend the Dark Portal against the invading Legion. During a skirmish there, he ended up missing- presumed dead for the last time, and Trinea found herself completely alone again.

Not knowing what else to do, the young mage set out to see the world, hoping to one day find out about her past and, even more importantly, some day perhaps find her father. It was on one such excursion outside of Lordaeron that she happened upon a friendly troll by the name of Uziriaa. Through the course of talking, he made an off-hand comment about the Light, and in that moment something unconsciously clicked with the young mage. They parted ways, but not before Uziriaa promised a letter from his leader- one Ishbaneer Schatten- promising a discussion on the teachings of the Light. Trinea waited eagerly for the letter, and arrived to Ishbaneer's sermon, being held illegally in the cemetery near Brill. From that moment on, she became a devoted follower of the Holy Light and a member of Ishbaneer's church- the cover name of which is Kiss of the Betrayer.

Trinea rose through the ranks within the church due to her unswerving faith and dedication to the church and its cause, eventually being commissioned as a missionary of the Light.


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