"As Torgras closed his eyes, waiting for the embrace of death, he said a small desperate prayer to the Light for the benefit of his soul.

That he might be shown mercy for his wicked ways."


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Early History Edit

Torgras Brasin began life as a Human, born to Roshado and Rinalia Brasin, that worked as servants in the household of a noble in the city of Stratholme. After it was destroyed by the horde during the Second War, Torgras and his parents moved to the place where the new Stratholme would be built. Although his parents died when he was still relatively young, Torgras followed in his parents' footsteps, and began working as a servant in the household of a local magistrate.

When Prince Arthas arrived during the Third War, to prevent the spread of the Scourge, Torgras was caught in the middle of the conflict. He was killed (quite anonymously) by Arthas, and he now lives in undeath with the choices he has made.

Appearance Edit

Born as a human, Torgras was of tall stature and average build, with black hair and blue eyes. Now undead, his lower jaw is gone due to being removed shortly before his death. He keeps his still black hair fairly unkempt and his eyes are lit with an undead light. Seeing as his body has been somewhat shattered as an undead, he pays little attention to his physical form. He does try to keep his oozings under control, though.

Personality Edit

Although there are times when Torgras may be a bit depressed and grumpy, most of the time he is generally quite amiable. Though some might view Undeath as a cruel fate, Torgras sees it as a second chance; to do better this time around. He has made choices in his past life that he regrets, and hopes to set them right and atone for them, through helping others and delivering justice to those that would prey upon the weak. As well, he now has a fantastic store of compassion, and there are no ends he won't go to in order to help those in need.

Goals and Motivations Edit

Torgras's ultimate goal is to seek (and earn) redemption in the eyes of the Light. He is not proud of the path he has followed in the past, and wishes to do good in the world with compassion and justice, although he is unsure of how to follow this path in his current...state.

At the moment, Torgras is trying to find a place in his new world, attempting to walk the line between salvation and damnation. He currently is seeking others that might guide him in finding the right path.

Idiosyncrasies Edit

  • Though he is a warlock, he quite dislikes demons in all forms, and will often go out of his way to destroy them. He will not summon them to aid himself, unless it is absolutely necessary for the greater good, and even then, he has doubts. He does not trust them.
  • As a tailor, he takes great pride in clothing he creates, and likes to be smartly dressed. Pride perhaps, and is a character fault that he is working on. But one can still try to walk a righteous path in a spiffy outfit, right?

Recipes Edit

As a human, when he was a servant to a local magistrate, his employer's family enjoyed his talents of tailoring and cooking. He still enjoys the simple pleasures of making clothing or preparing a dish. Below are those rare specialties that he has learned.

Current Activities Edit

At the moment, Torgras is exploring the areas surrounding the ruins of Lordaeron. Though he has ventured a few times within Undercity itself, he fears becoming further corrupted by influences that are not allied with the Light. He has taken up fishing, and uses that quiet time to contemplate his future fate.

Detailed History Edit

The Death of Torgras Edit


Torgras's Rebirth Edit


Torgras's New Life Edit


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