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((If you doubt there are Druid Magi, look at this. elven druid))

  • Name: Tordanis Kar'thiel/Tordanis Tharion Kar'thiel
  • Age: ??
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 150 (65kg)
  • Siblings: Xibianthos(Location unknown), Verith (Younger brother)
  • Parents: Adopted Mother: Amava (Now known as Asterie, reincarnated as a Blood Elf. Played currently.), Real blood-mother: Ardella (warlock), Real blood-father: Zakeil (rogue).
  • Hair Colour: A bit of a lighter blond.
  • Children: Arvaran (oldest)*Deceased, and ressurected as a Death Knight called -Dres-, and Elenwae (youngest)
  • Weapons: Inik: Sword/Na'myru: Staff

Close Friends and AlliesEdit

These are people who Tordanis would basically give his own life for.

Sinkan Grom-Lok: Sinkan the Orcish Assassin (rogue). She was sent by Warchief Thrall to be somewhat of a 'body guard' for Tordanis. She absolutely -hates- elves. Thrall sent her to be Tordanis' body guard for somewhat a... 'punishment' so to say. She ended up failing her last mission. Tordanis accepted her more as a 'friend', even though she clearly seemed to despise him. He seems to think she has a secret friendship bond with him. Even though it doesn't seem like one much at all, he believes theres a bond somewhere. Currently, she has been needed elsewhere, on other missions by the Warchief, so she doesn't see Tordanis as much as she used to. She sometimes bumps into Tordanis now and then, but usually only if its slightly important. Not just a friendly visit. Tordanis doesn't know much about her. Shes very secretive of her past, and will -never- reveal it to anyone, unless it was found out (she'd probably kill you for knowing) but, otherwise, she tells no one. Tordanis doesnt even know her last name. The only thing he honestly knows, is she was brought up on Grol'dom Farm in the Barrens. Dont get on her bad side. Especially if you're an elf. Of any kind.

Kamaji: Kamaji, a true friend. Tordanis met her in the Wayfarer's Inn one day, in need of dire assistance. Tordanis, being the caring type of person, helped her out. She was practically bleeding so much, she could have probably bled to death. He used his druidic healing to heal her wounds. She was very greatful for what he did for her. From there-on, her and Tordanis became close-knit friends. Tordanis would always come to her aid, and Kamaji would come to his. Though, she seemed to be the one always in danger. He always healed her wounds. He always helped her cope with life. Her sister had been killed by a curse, cast by an evil man, looking like a Forsaken, called Soldar van Crypt. He had been one villain that Tordanis would never forget. He was true evil. He was also one person that had killed Tordanis once. Luckily, another one of Tordanis' friends had healed his wounds, and ressurected him. Tordanis was brought to knowing the man through Kamaji. He had placed the same curse that plagued her now-deceased sister on Kamaji. Tordanis did his very best to help her defeat the curse. He had fought it many times. He did all he could. She now has a husband, by the name of Xalyn. They married, and bore a beautiful child. It was a baby girl. She now cares for the child the best she can, Xalyn being away on long journeys.

Xalyn: Xalyn, the husband of Kamaji. Tordanis doesn't know too much of Xalyn, but he has helped Tordanis before. He has him as a friend through Kamaji. She treats him as if he were Kamaji. Tordanis knows, if anything should befall Xalyn, Kamaji would be devastated. So, he keeps watch of him as well.

Zellbell: Zellbell, the wise magistress. Tordanis seeks her out most times for guidance and wisdom. She is a very good friend and ally to have. She has helped Tordanis out of some of the most thickest situations. She has given Tordanis hints on how to change things occuring in life, and a loyal friend just to loaf with. There has been rumors that she has been killed.

Ginkan: Ginkan, the crazy, but wise Troll priestess. She is loud, obnoxious, and funny. She shows immense feelings for Tordanis, and practically loves him to hell and back. She is straight forward, and boisterous. Some of her methods are questionable, but you should never question Troll voodoo. As of now, she has lost her memories by interrogation in the Scarlet Monastery. She runs a clothing industry around the major cities now, and doesn't know Tordanis at all. Tordanis doesn't know exactly how this has all came to be, but he has his suspicions about a guild by the name of The Shadow Guard, and some of the members within it. They work undercover for the Lich King, and stop at nothing to do what their master commands. Tordanis is thinking about one person in general, Taleion, that may have something to do with her kidnapping into the Scarlet Monastery. But he doesn't know anything certain yet.

Kaelus: Kaelus, the former Blood Knight. He has recently met him in the Wayfarers Inn. He doesn't know much of anything about Kaelus yet, past-wise, but he has asked about it, and all Kaelus has told him is he couldn't remember one bit. Kaelus had freed Tordanis from a posession inside him. He had come to have this posession by force. Tordanis had overwhelming anger and darkness in his heart, that was unleashed by Khain (or Ragnas) and Keannie. Khain is one of Tordanis' neutral friends. He trusts him, but doesn't. Khain has done many evil things, but says theres a reason for everything he does. Tordanis' posession manifested into something larger. Sinadrin the Corrupted. He was eventually taken down by his foolishness. Tordanis owes Kaelus his very life for what he did for him. He excercised the demon, and cured him of the posession.

Songbreeze: Songbreeze, the zealous hunter. She is a friend of Kaelus, but Tordanis had met her a very long time ago when people were chasing Khain alot. Tordanis considers her a close friend, but he rarely sees her much.

Rinasha: Rinasha, the Paladin. She is very stubborn, slightly caring, and loyal. Tordanis adopted her as his child when she was only in training. She was alot more outgoing and weak in her training days, but shes alot more tough now, and untrusting to strangers. Tordanis really didn't have too much time on his hands to watch over her. He tried his very best to watch her, but his life was too busy with his missions. Later on, she had found her real father, Alterilin. She has a whole family now, but rarely sees them anymore, from starting off on her own life. But she still cares for them very much. She has a home in Thunderbluff- the furthest place from Silvermoon City she can be. She hates the city, and rarely goes to it. She hates being protected. Absolutely hates it. She thinks that people, think that she cannot defend herself. Tordanis was over-protective, but he only did it because he loves her as if she were his own child still. He knew she could defend herself, but he just didn't want her to be badly hurt.

Mithuatte: Mithuatte, the long-traveled hunter. She is a tauren that had come to the city of Silvermoon to observe the elves. She had come all the way from her land of Thunderbluff. She is one of Tordanis' friends, and she seems to always have a different pet with her all the time.

Selcet: Selcet, the over curious, mischievous Mage, and Tordanis' loving wife. Tordanis had met her long ago when he was just arriving at Silvermoon City. He had started to get attached to her quite a bit after breaking her out of trouble over and over again. She seemed to always be getting in trouble everywhere he looked. Khain had been going after her, along with some others. Tordanis had gotten tired of it, and soon started to persue. Later on, she and Tordanis had gotten married. They tried to the first few times, and they ended up getting married officially in the Undercity Sewers. Now she has two children with Tordanis, Araven and Elenwae. Before they had the children, Selcet had her mind erased by a witch of the evil guild 'The Shadow Guard'. But later on, Tordanis copied his memories with her. Tordanis was afraid she'd get hurt if she had her memories returned.

Villains of TordanisEdit

These are the baddies that Tor's faced in World of Warcraft. (I'm also putting actual Warcraft bosses here too, since he has some connection with them.)

Khain Nightwing: Khain Nightwing, the nefarious warlock. He is one of Tordanis' greatest foes. Tordanis had met him a long time ago, in the Wayfarer's Inn. He had noticed, and felt his evil magic surrounding him. Tordanis didn't think much of it, but then he had found out about his evil deeds. This included raping, seducing, and killing women. He had done many other things, but he did these things when Tordanis was only just new to the city. He's been killed many times, but has been brought back from ashes and his warlock phylactery. He had his 'seduced' or mind-controlled slaves do this for him. They were usually people that looked more innocent than anything. Now, he claims that he is alot more... 'purer' than he once was in his past days. Nowadays, he's more neutral than anything. Tordanis doesn't trust him much at all. He did once, but as of right this moment, he does not. Tordanis had been looking for help in solving his fortune that was told to him by an old woman. 'He must lose something to gain Dusty's love.' He knew nobody else that could solve that could help him solve that. He honestly didn't want to go to Khain, but there was no one else that could possibly aid him. He went to him, and Khain was unable to solve the fortune. But, Khain had taken out an heirloom of his. A black rose. It had special powers to make the carrier of the rose, and the carrier's love, to actually fall in love instantly. As soon as Tordanis had laid eyes on the malevolent flower, he became entranced by lust. He honestly didn't ask for it, and if he was in his right mind, he definately wouldn't have taken it. Tordanis was corrupted heavily with the tiny flower. He stroked its petals, and even cradled it as if it were his child. He ended up attacking Selcet because his corrupted mind told him that she wanted it for herself. Selcet was traveling with him, and eventually told him he should get rid of it, but thats when he attacked. She had ended up running off, and then Tordanis had given Dusty Khain's black heirloom rose. Tordanis and Dusty were instantly in love, but still their strong minds fought against the spell. Rupkol, Dusty's pet Imp, also her closest demon, had almost gone mad from the changes in their personality's, especially Dusty's. He knew something was wrong. Eventually, Dusty's mind permitted her to call out Sarlissa, her succubus. She was one of her smartest demons. She also knew alot about seduction spells and items. She ended up finding the flower in Dusty's belt, and took it, then crushed it under her hoof. Dusty's and Tordanis' fake relationship instantly vanished. Tordanis kept calling out Khain's name, and they soon caught on. Tordanis wanted revenge, but Dusty had told him it was his own fault for going to him in the very first place. Tordanis later on accepted that it was his fault, but it was also Khain's for even suggesting the rose. Tordanis clouded by judgement, he talked to his orc friend Zugtor, and Aman'ni, or Dra'lin, happened to be there too. They suggested an assassination. Tordanis didnt want to go through with it, but then, still with peer pressure and clouded judgement, Tordanis finally gave in, staging an assassination with Dra'lin, and Zugtor. He was killed, but eventually ressurected by Tordanis. He just did it because, he thought he still was good. But he'll never forgive him for the deed from the Rose. He also had awakened the darkness within Tordanis. A demon had awakened, and eventually pulled out Tordanis' darker powers. He was corrupted for a while, and even took the head of Onyxia to Khain. Sinadrin was Tordanis' 'evil' side, but was eventually removed by Solarina, a warlock. Recently, he was struck down by a higher being than himself, and ressurected again by the Lich King, tricking him, into turning into a Death Knight.

Keannie (Once known as Evelei) Morgan:Keannie, the devious, but slightly friendly warlock. She was friend and foe to Tordanis. She aided Khain in the awakening of Sinadrin. Over time, they've grown friends together, but, Tordanis still describes her as a baddie.

Soldar Van Crypt: Soldar Van Crypt, the silent, but deadly killer. He can look quite innocent, but he can lure you into a false sense of security. It's always good to be weary around him. He was one of the first people to actually kill Tordanis. But, he was lucky to have had a priest ressurrect him. He still picks on Tordanis, and Tordanis will never trust the man. He is known to be a murderous killer. But as of now- he is pronounced dead.

Doidera Darkblade (played by Tordanis himself.*A few accounts*): A High-Ranking General of the Scourge. He was sent to kill Tordanis by The Lich King. He is one of the cruelest bastards that had ever lived on Azeroth. He has betrayed his allies quite a few times, slightly cowardice. But he is quite tall for an elf, muscular, and seemingly impenetrable, but he can still be taken down with many wounds. He will not die though, unless the Lich commands it so. Lately, he has been plotting against the Lich. He has realized he was blinded by power and maliciousness, to know he was just a pawn in the Lich King's game. He seeks revenge against the Lich, and plans to die trying to give it all he has to put his effort, like all adventurers will be, into stopping the Lich King. He used to secretly love a woman, that he had turned undead. Naneel. He loved her, but, he was very rough at the start. Before he had gone back to the Scourge training grounds, he had given her a passionate kiss, and restored her living life. He doesn't know if he will truly survive against the Lich.

Vexion De'Vinn Bartos(played by Tordanis himself.): This evil-do'er, is quite an interesting being. He can seem very trustworthy at first, laid back and lecherous, but he wouldn't hesitate to kill you. He is a Scourge Spy sent by the Lich, along with Doidera. Not much is known of Bartos.

Kraven Nightwing: This is Khain's brother that Tordanis met recently. He doesn't know much of him yet, but Tordanis is apprehensive of his actions. He had gone after one of Tordanis' friends, and Tordanis stopped him in his tracks.

The Scourge:

The Burning Legion:


Usually seen roaming the cities with a hood over his head, and looks very concealed. You can see his eyes glowing underneath the hood, which illuminates more of his facial features. His eyes are more of a light mixture of blue and green, due to the lack of exposure to the fel magic. He didn't become addicted to it, because he was taken away from it at birth. He always has a long flowing cloak on, with a gold as a tint, and blue as a base color. The rest of his robe is gold, blue, and black. Gold as a tint, black as a half color, and blue as a half color. He has a night-elven staff that he carried with him since his journey from Astranaar, that glows with Night Elven/Druidic rune carvings. It usually glows when there's a friend around, or when there is danger, it flashes. His adopted mother passed this on to him. Outside the cities with friends, he usually takes off his hood.

He usually never changes into animals in public. Only when he is out spying, is when he conceals himself as an owl, or an animal that Druids shapeshift into.


Tordanis is very kind, and open to most people. But he often tries to keep some of his past to himself. He also uses his powers discretely, since the Blood Elves usually frown on a fellow blood elf using the powers of a druid. He is also caring, and if he believes the person can be trusted, he will help them. He is often gullible, but lately, his personality has changed to cautious. He will do anything to help his friends. But he tends to sometimes be too helpful. He doesn't mind other races, if they do happen to cross him. He isn't as stuck-up and 'racist' so to say, to orcs, tauren, or trolls. He'd probably welcome them more than a fellow blood elf, but he usually gets stuck in a conversation with another blood elf, more than another race. He will also try to listen in on Inn conversations, and most likely help if there is a bad situation coming about. The people in the conversation don't usually notice him from his shady appearance, or don't acknowledge him. He loves his wife, and family dearly. He'd give practically anything, even his very soul to protect them from harm.


Tordanis usually never pressed himself to get a wife, or even have children. He had a wife before, named Selcet. He didn't actually want a wife at that point, but Selcet was clingy to him. They ended up marrying. But, recently, a darker side of Selcet, called Eveliona, has erased all of her memories of him, and much more. Tordanis really never told her they were married. He assumed it was time to move on, since he was dragged into it, and Selcet was already looking for another man.

Tordanis had feelings for Dusty (or Dustyra), an undead warlock. Now, he doesn't actually fancy undead or warlocks. But, her, for some reason, he admired and loved. He is pressed himself so hard. He had started off badly, but he's slowly tried making up for it. He had already sent her a Black Rose, and he also gave her a Red Moth pet, by the name of Crimson Wing. Even though its wings aren't the color red, thats his name. Dusty's sister, Xantenise, had told him to be persistant, open, and unashamed of himself. He never got past Dusty.

Now, hes given back Selcet her memories from the witch who stole them from her. Recently, Selcet and Tordanis have had two children. Araven (boy), and Elenwae (girl). Arvaren is older than Elenwae, but their exact ages are quite unknown. Their aging was sped up by the powers of the Caverns of Time. They are in their starting adult years, late teens, at least in elven years.

Tordanis is now engaged, and set to marry Rinasha(Lilenna) Sularus. He severed Selcet and his relationship because he was never with her that often.


Tordanis was born in Quel'Thalas, like all High Elves, or now known as Blood Elves. His birth-mother, Ardella, has been working under the Scourge, and the Burning Legion. Shes a cunning snake. She sought to corrupt Tordanis when she could, hoping to have him help her in her incidious plans.

Before she could do anything, his real father, Zakeil, had taken him away to Astranaar in Ashenvale. He had known a Druid there, by the name of Amava, knowing she had a kind heart, and knew she would find him eventually. Tordanis never knew of his father, or mother until later on in his life.

Amava found him in a cradle, near some bushes in Astranaar after a battle that had needed her assistance. She took him before the Night Elven 'higher-ups' and asked if she could keep Tordanis as her very own adopted child. They agreed to let her keep the child, but only if he did not turn against the Alliance in the future. And she had to teach him, train him, until he was able to aid them in battles.

She taught him everything she knew about druidism. She taught him the ways that she had learned from the Cenarion Circle. Everything about nature, and how to cleanse wounds. She had also taught him languages. All the Azerothian languages from A to Z. The ancient languages, all the way to the current ones known to mortals. She even taught him of the old wars, and the creation of Azeroth, and how the universe came to be. She taught him also of the higher powers in the world, such as the Great Aspects, the Titans, and even the fallen Titan Sargeras. He knew the history of the world. They traveled some, to Goldshire, and he had been given a horse to ride, by the name of Verathos.

Amava was more of a mentor than a parent figure when he became of age to use the things she taught him. She trained him to be a hybrid of things. He knew how to use a variety of weapons, including a sword and dagger. He learned his swordsmanship well, combined with a staff. This was his warrior traits. He learned to use his feral abilities of Druidism, including root, and how to shapeshift. There were also many other spells Amava revealed to him. She was a feral druid, so her teachings were harsh, but she only wanted the best training for him.

One fateful day, a battle horn blared. The Scourge had come, with the Horde as their hosts. They had been killed in battle, and sent to attack Astranaar. Tordanis never saw other races, other than humans. He rarely left Astranaar, and he always stayed when Amava had been called for battle. But this battle was at their home. And they were in such large numbers. Tordanis was too young for a true battle yet, so she hid him in a special hiding place that Tordanis and his night elven childhood friends would play in. Tordanis objected, and he wanted to stay and fight, but Amava wouldn't risk it.

The Scourge had massacred the place. Not a soul lived. Once Tordanis had heard the Scourge run off, he ran out to survey the area, and find his adopted mother.

She had fallen in battle. She had only a speck of life within her left. She laid there, as Tordanis tried his very best to use his healing spell that she had taught him to save her, but he was too inexperienced yet. He tried his very best. But his best wasn't enough to save her. He cried, but Amava quieted him with her last bits of life, and told him, "Dont give up, Tordanis... continue on with what I've taught you. I will always be here with you... Defeat those who may challenge Azeroth, and seek to destroy it." She closed her eyes, and gave him her staff.

Tordanis still had tears in his eyes, laying over the corpse of his mentor. He stopped his crying, and decided he would continue on with her wish. Before he left, he had dug a grave next to a moon well that had not been tainted by the onslaught. He buried her, and prayed to Elune, a prayer that Amava taught him.

And then, he had started his journey across Azeroth, meeting many allies along the way. He went through all the Alliance captials, bearing a symbol of the night elves with his stave. They had noticed the night elven craftsmanship, and let him roam within the cities.

He then traveled to Durotar, hoping to find maps to Silvermoon City. On the border of Durotar, a troll hunter, named Juanina, with her boar pet Okkoto, surveyed the area for intruders. Tordanis wore a shady cloak and hood, so she thought she should stop to make sure it wasn't some assassin. She made a surprise attack on Tordanis, where as he spotted her at the corner of his eye, he defended himself. He was almost a full-grown adult now.

She stopped him, and she kept attacking, until she drew back, and asked what his business was in Durotar. They talked it over, she knew he was telling the truth by the staff he brought. She let him stay in Sen'Jin for an apology for her rude attack. She told him of the Warchief, and Tordanis thought he may give him some advice of where to start his journey of the Horde lands.

He was made fun of by the Orgrimmar gate guards, because elves really never came to Orgrimmar. He asked to see the Warchief, only for a moment. He was accompanied by many guards. He never took off his hood, until he came before the Warchief himself.

He knelt before him in respect, before the Warchief told him to rise. At first, Thrall thought he was some messenger for the Alliance, but then he saw he was a Blood Elf. Tordanis told him he had come to be neutral with the Horde and the Alliance. He wasn't one for wars. Thrall told him he would think it over and send a messenger to Sen'Jin when he had his answer. He had more important things than to listen to the Elf.

While Tordanis was inside Thrall's throne room, a shady figure, other than himself was beside Thrall. It was his personal assassin. Tordanis had eyed him a few times while speaking with the Warchief. The assassin watched him as well.

He spent a few days with Juanina in Sen'Jin, when finally a messenger came with a note. It was the Assassin from before that brought the note. He had given it to him, but then the Assassin attacked once he read it. Tordanis defended himself yet again, the rogue being much quicker, making a few scratches. Tordanis finally drew back, and launched a ball of Wrath at the assassin. The assassin was struck, and pushed back into a rock, and vines entwined his limbs.

The assassin eyed him, and Tordanis was questioning him why he had attacked him. He told him, that it was a test. And then he revealed himself to Tordanis.

He was Tordanis' real father, Zakeil. He was astounded, and he let Zakeil go. Zakeil had got away. He had stayed in Sen'Jin, clearing his thoughts. The message told him to go with Zakeil, and find him in Orgrimmar when he was ready to journey to Silvermoon City. Zakeil had to be the one that swayed the Warchief's judgement over Tordanis.

Eventually, they met up, and finally went to Silvermoon City. Some of Tordanis' questions were answered, and some more questions arose that couldn't be answered. Zakeil barely told him anything.

When they had gotten to Silvermoon, Zakeil went off back to Orgrimmar. He told him where his mother was, and so he went to see her.

He went to the Warlock's part of Silvermoon. He disproved of Warlocks magic, but he had hoped his mother wasn't like the rest of the warlocks. When he had found her, he was shocked. He felt such dark energy just looming over her. She was seductive and entrancing. They had talked, and when Tordanis spoke of his druidic teachings by a night elf, she was outraged.

She punished him with curses upon curses, that he had barely even heard of at the time. He was also studying as a Mage on his journeys, seeking to entwine the druid teachings with it. He could barely stand. He could see the fire in her eyes. She actually almost killed her own very son.

Tordanis was forced to raise his hand against hers. He had thrown her back to a wall, and she was even more angry. He immobilized her for a few minutes as he left. He was devastated. He couldn't go to a family that loved him. Later on when he was about to leave Silvermoon, he found Zakeil stopping him. Zakeil finally told him the truth about his past. That it was all planned. Tordanis was angry with him. He wanted nothing to do with his parents now. Zakeil told him that it was for his own good, and Zakeil abandoned him in Astranaar on purpose, so he could save his son from Ardella.

Tordanis ran off, and found Xibianthos. One of his little brothers. He was a Blood Knight in training. Tordanis wanted to leave, but he wanted to meet Xibi. Perhaps try to get him to go away with him, away from Ardella.

But Xibi's choice was with Ardella. And so Tordanis began his life, in the World of Warcraft.


  • Usually reads a tome, or some other reading material to seem busy.
  • He sometimes can be seen talking to animals, or speaking little bits of Darnassian.
  • Always the quiet one in the Inn, usually frowning at things, or smirking at things.
  • Always seeming to have urgent news, or getting into tight situations with evil people.
  • He tends to do some things without thinking first. Most of the times he does, although, when he is angered, he is sometimes clouded so much by it that he can't think straight.

Pets and FamiliarsEdit

Tordanis sometimes has animals accompanying him.


"A pleasure to meet you... a friend of Tordanis' is a friend of mine."

The Great Horned Owl Luna. She was a gift from his adopted Night Elven mother Amava. She had always watched over Tordanis in his journeys, never flying too far or too high, she always had her eyes on him, wherever Tordanis may be. She is his most loyal companion. She also talks. She is sometimes seen perched on Tordanis' shoulder, or flying beside him.

She has druidic powers of her own, such as self rejuvenation. She has others, but none other are known.


"I am Verathos, Tordanis' loyal steed, risen by the Scourge, broken free from the Lich King's grasp."

Verathos is a skeletal horse, intimidating at first, usually has a temper. He used to be a normal stable horse in Lordaeron. When the Scourge had destroyed Lordaeron, he was killed, and then risen as a skeletal steed. He still had some good left in him, and knew that his place was with Tordanis, as his noble steed. He broke free with the rest of the forsaken.


Story of Tordanis written in detailEdit

The Wanderer:

The setting of this story begins in a small settlement in the forest of Ashenvale, a lush, green, ancient forest. Trees were tall and little forest creatures thrived within them. Usually, it was quiet and peaceful. But, one day, the forest's trees rumbled, and the ground shook with the magnitude of an army. Hordes of undead horrors began hacking away at the ancient trees. Every where they touched a plague seemed to follow, killing the animals and plants around the deadly onslaught. They destroyed the Village of Astranaar, the settlement in the center of Ashenvale. Abominations, all sewn together with dead corpse flesh, and long, chain-linked claws at the end wrapped around their grotesque body, followed the animated skeletons and ghouls to the settlement in the center of the now-weeping forest. They destroyed the Village of Astranaar, the settlement in the center of Ashenvale.

They were a large army, sent by a wrathful Lich. The Lich King, named Arthas Menethil. He was once a noble, light-sworn Paladin. But he was taken control of very easily by the past possessed Lich King, which was only a suit of rune-adorned armor encased in a magical block of ice, named Ner’zhul. He was encased there by a powerful demon, which he betrayed. That was his punishment. 

Ner’zhul’s orcish body was obliterated, and his very soul was sucked into the armor he wore, and was encased in the block of ice, to be frozen and tortured for the end of eternity. Ner’zhul had chosen a body to bind his soul to. That was Arthas Menethil. He had become one with Ner’zhul, and traveled back to his kingdom of Lordaeron, and murdered his father, King Terenas. Arthas had gone on a long journey to get the ancient rune-blade known as ‘Frostmourne’. With that blade, and Ner’zhul’s armor, combined with their souls in Arthas’ body, he had become the Lich King, and freed Ner’zhul from his icy prison. Now, he sends out the undead army, known as the Scourge, to destroy life on the world of Azeroth. Now, the true adventure begins, for one in particular: an Elf, to be exact.

After the Night Elves had fought off the seemingly endless Scourge attack, they searched through the remains and wreckage of the buildings for survivors. An infant’s cries were heard throughout the small wrecked village. It was further way from where the village was, more so in the bushes a little walk away into the forest. An elegant, violet-skinned Night Elf had gone to investigate where it was coming from. This Night Elf had a more kind, yet feral personality, unlike the rest of her people, which had basically no patience or understanding for out-landers. Amava had found the infant wrapped in a rather large bundle of cloth, possibly because the child was out here long before anyone had noticed, and whoever had abandoned it wanted it to survive the cold weather, if there had been any. She had gazed upon the infant’s structure for a few moments, furrowing her brows. The child’s head couldn’t be seen from the cloth over it, but, she noted the two, rather long pink-skinned ears protruding from the cloth bundle’s top. Amava gently moved her arm forward, pulling the cloth down from over the infant’s face, and her silver-glowing eyes stared into the infant’s own turquoise-glowing eyes. They were both silent for a few moments, until Amava looked behind her cautiously, to make sure she wasn’t followed by any soldiers. She was a druid herself, a wielder of the naturalistic energies in the world, and a healer. Amava quickly took the child in her arms, covering it up, and went to her abandoned little hut on the side of the village. That was her home. She closed the wooden creaking door to the hut once she and the child were both settled inside. Amava looked around her little hut, searching for something the elf child could wear. She found a few rather large leaves, and looking at the child with a smirk on her lips, she set the leaves upon the ground. Slowly raising her arm, a green, glowing energy emitted from her palm, as the leaves start to meld together into a small baby-suit for the child to wear. Amava stood over the child and removed the cloth from the infant’s small body. He giggled at her as she did. Amava smiled as she put the newly-made clothes on the child. She stood back, eyeing him, to see how he looked. She was quite satisfied. Then Amava had thought of an idea. She couldn’t leave the child in the forest alone. She decided to take him before the village council.

The next morning had come, and she made her way to the large towering tree that the council stays within. There were three rather old-looking night elves with faded violet skin standing behind three podiums made of oak wood. Amava stood before them with the child cradled in her arms. The three councilmen leaned over their podiums, furrowing their rather long, silver eyebrows. They almost looked like an owls. They turned their gaze to Amava, then the child. The center councilmen spoke first. His voice seemed to boom within the large hollowed tree, “Greetings, Lady Amava,” The councilor started, “Why have you come?” The center councilor awaited an answer patiently. “Good council, I have brought to you, a child. One of which, belongs to a Blood Elf.” All three of the councilmen’s glowing silver eyes widened, and then looked at each other, anger clearly seen in their visage, grumbling amongst themselves. Within their grumbling argument, you could hear, “A Blood Elf child?!”, “Absurd!”, “He will defile this village, and it’s beautiful forest!” More mumbling and grumbling ensued, as Amava spoke up, “What if I taught him the ways of the Druid? Instead of learning the ways of arcane magic?” The councilmen all stopped abruptly, turning their heads to the woman cradling the child. “I’ll adopt him, and raise him as my own!” Amava quickly said, as they turned to speak amongst themselves yet again. “Very well,” The center councilor replied. “But you shall be warned, Lady Amava,” He paused, “If there is any report of him learning the arcane magic’s, he shall be exiled without a word. You have complete responsibility over him now.” All three councilmen nodded in agreement. Amava nodded to them as well, “Ande'thoras-ethil, councilmen.” The language she had used was another word for ‘Farewell’ in Darnassian, the sacred language known to all night elves. She turned on her heels with the child in her arms, snuggled and sleeping comfortably. Amava smiled down at her now-adopted son. She kept thinking for a few moments, thoughtfully at the sleeping child, “What shall I call you…” She muttered, “Tordanis. That’s it. Tordanis.” She laughed quietly to her joyous self, kissing the innocent child’s forehead, now named Tordanis. Time had passed since the day Tordanis had been adopted by his Night Elven mother. She trained him hard and long. She taught him everything she knew about druidism. She taught him the teachings that she had learned from the Cenarion Circle that was a Druidic organization that protected life on Azeroth, the world. Even everything about nature, and to cleanse wounds, she taught him. She taught him ancient languages, from all over Azeroth. She even read him books of the old wars, the creation of Azeroth, and how the universe came to be. She taught him also of the higher powers in the world. Such as the Great Aspects, which were dragons created by the great gods of the universe. The Titans, which were another name for the gods, and even the fallen Titan Sargeras. Sargeras was once a titan in the pantheon, the table of the gods. He was banished, and cast out of the pantheon for corrupting the mortal races of Azeroth. He is now the leader of the demons that enter Azeroth. As he grew, he was trained hard in the wielding of staff and sword. Amava taught him how to defend, and how to act in quick situations. They sat near a campfire in the forest one evening, listening to the quiet sounds of the night. Suddenly, they had heard a loud shriek, as if something had been in terrible pain. An animal. Tordanis sat upright from lying down on the cloth Amava had made for him while he journeyed, composed of a wide variety of colors, such as rich purple, and blue. His long pink ears twitched from the sound. Amava whispered, “Shhh… be still, Tordanis. It is the circle of life… an animal has fallen prey to a predator.” She said wisely. Tordanis slowly nodded, sighing, then laid back down, falling fast asleep. Tordanis awoke; his mother had gone off somewhere, most likely watching him closely nearby. He decided he’d go for a walk in the forest. The forest always seemed to sparkle with naturistic magic, with all kinds of magical creatures, and wisps, souls of the deceased animals. A great horned owl flew overhead, seeming to follow him. Tordanis found a stream, sitting on the edge of it, and putting his feet in the steady flow of water. It felt so refreshing. The owl swooped down, and perched on a branch above the stream. Tordanis’ long, elven ears twitched at the sound of the landing bird. Suddenly, the owl spoke. “Ah, greetings, adopted son of Lady Wispdancer!” The owls’ beak never moved. It seemed to be a way of telepathy the owl used to communicate. Tordanis’ eyes widened at the owl, shocked at how it spoke to him. “Y-You’re… talking to… me?” Tordanis said, after a few minutes of being overly surprised. The owl nodded, chuckling. “Oh, you have so much to learn!” The owl exclaimed, flying down and sitting down in the grass beside him. Tordanis watched her carefully. “D-Do you have a-a name?” He asked, his voice now stricken with awe and slight confusion. The owl stretched its wings, “I am Luna.” The horned owl said rather simply. “I see, Luna…” He trailed off, and then started up again, “Why have you come to me?” He asked. Luna folded her wings back again, “Amava had told me to watch you. “ She smiled in her owlish way. “Watch me?” He tilted his head, his golden, long hair going to one side. “Why watch me?” He watched her, wondering. The owl seemed to shrug its wings, clipping its beak. "I've learned to never question Lady Wispdancer," the owl explained, "and neither should you." Tordanis fell silent, mulling over the words. He shrugged, looking into the stream. "Where has she gone? When I awoke this morning, she was no where to be found...” "She'll be back soon enough." That was all Luna replied. She seemed preoccupied with a fish in the stream. It was several hours until Amava returned to the hut. Tordanis had been outside, practicing his control over roots. The Night Elf surveyed the area, taking note of all the jutting roots, upturned rocks, and tipping-over trees. Tordanis was still focusing, green lights fluttering around his feet and legs. The ground trembled for a moment, and then a root jutted out of the soft soil. It squirmed about like a worm, and then fell over, laying limp in the grass. "Tordanis!" Amava suddenly shouted. The boy flinched, losing his concentration. He looked over at the Night Elf and smiled. "You're back! Where'd you go this morning?" Amava strode forward, her leather armor covered in soot and dirt. She didn't respond as she walked over to the side of the hut. Leaning against the wall were two staves, one of which she tossed to Tordanis, the other she kept for herself. Without a word, she grasped the staff in both of her hands and rushed forward. The Blood Elf had little time to react, but threw the staff up, managing to block a high swing. She swung again and again, and each time Tordanis dodged or blocked. By now, the forest was growing dark as nightfall approached. Amava's attacks slowed down and eventually stopped altogether. With the few moments, Tordanis caught his breath, his eyes wide as he watched his adoptive mother and teacher. She was perfectly still, her silver gaze fixed on him. Then he noticed something... The air crackled. All at once, green energy gathered around Amava's hands, sparking to life. Then she threw a ball of pure -nature- at him, the green light flashing and charged like a bolt of electricity. Quickly, the young elf dove to the side, just in time for the ball to fly over his head, making his hair stand on end. He got back to his feet, staring at Amava. "Land a hit and we'll go inside." Those were her only instructions before she tossed the staff aside. Her form shimmered, then in a puff of swirling dark smoke her body became a crouched panther. Her muscles corded beneath her, golden eyes settling on the elf. Tordanis swallowed, taking a step back. Then she launched and disappeared. Tordanis whirled around, frantically looking to and fro, trying to locate his teacher. Each rustling of a bush, fluttering in a branch, every noise alerted the Blood Elf, almost frightened him. A low growl gave way to the transformed Night Elf's position, but not fast enough for him to make the first strike. The panther dashed from the cover of the bushes, making to swipe at his legs. He hopped back, noting there were no claws involved in the attack--something that greatly relieved him--and tried to counter with a swing of his staff. The panther dodged to one side and darted back into the bushes. This time Tordanis had a little more confidence, he straightened his back and looked around cautiously. When the panther shot out of the brush, a beam of pure light shot down from the sky, hitting the ground just before the cat. It skid to a halt, paws backpedalling beneath it. Before it could recover, roots shot up from the ground and encased the cat's paws, keeping it still. Tordanis walked over, confident his spell would hold. So, naturally, he would be shocked when he heard the roots snap. He watched in amazement as his teacher shape shifted again, this time into the form of a giant bear. The bear snarled, teeth bearing as it kicked away fragments of tree. It swung one massive paw, shoving Tordanis back a few paces. As he was recovering, the bear charged forward, moving at a rather alarming speed for something of its bulk. It reared onto its hind legs then brought all of its weight down on top of Tordanis, knocking him from his feet. The staff Tordanis was given was all that kept the bear from mauling him, the bear's jaws raking against the weapon. He kicked up with one foot, pushing a blow against the bear's chest to shove him off. The beast's form shimmered, and then in another swirl of smoke, Amava stood up. She offered a hand to Tordanis, helping him stand. "Well done, son! Now, time for dinner. Wash up," the woman instructed, a pleasant smile on her face. Tordanis panted, staring in amazement. She didn't even seem winded! He wiped his forehead, sighing. Luna, perched in a nearby tree, hooted her approval. A smile danced to Tordanis’ lips as he walked down to the creek to wash himself of dirt and grime. Tordanis, after washing himself, returned to his home with his adoptive mother. Luna flew off into the distance, off to find food for herself out in the forest. Tordanis went inside, and sat down at the large, round wooden table. It was made by excellent Night Elven craftsmanship, the wood smooth, with the fresh scent of oak. Food was already placed out, steaming vegetables, cooked meats, and fresh fruits of all kinds. Amava always prided herself in her dinners, knowing them to be both healthy and delicious. She brought the finishing touches to the meal, gesturing to a wooden stool for Tordanis to sit. The young elf obeyed, plopping down. His blue gaze was drawn in by the many different foods to chose from. Amava sat across from the table, offering to serve some of the food to Tordanis. After filling up Tordanis's plate, she filled her own and the two began eating. "Tordanis... Tomorrow, I may not be here when you wake up." Amava began, looking down at her plate. She took a bite of meat, chewing it thoughtfully. After swallowing, she continued, "Luna will once again be there to watch over you as you proceed with morning training as usual.." Tordanis stared at the older Night Elf, then nodded. He glanced toward the open door of the hut, out into the night. Further away, he could hear the eerie hooting of several owls on the hunt. Then he began to eat. He couldn't help but wonder why Amava had been leaving so early in the morning, being gone for so long, and coming back in the evening. The two elves ate in silence, no more conversation finding its way to the dinner table.

The next morning, Tordanis did wake to an empty house. But not all was quiet. The ground shook, tossing him from his leafy cot and onto the cold floor. The loud eruption of sound followed after, snapping Tordanis out of any sleepy stupor he may have still been in. He threw himself out of his room, running to the door. The trees outside shook, the sky was ablaze. Animals and creatures of all kinds ran and flew, escaping...something. An explosion ripped Tordanis from the door frame, tossing him to the ground. His blue eyes were directed then to the village, Astranaar. The same place that had been ravaged so many years before, having rebuilt itself, was in shambles again. Smoke rose in a thick cloud, buildings burning and collapsing. From his place at Amava's hut, he could easily see the carnage. Undead creatures, giant abominations and wights, horrors of all kinds, were running about, tearing through buildings. Night elves were battling against them, bolts of Nature zapping through the air, roots tearing up from the ground to stop the monsters from destroying any more. Luna alighted on the ground next to Tordanis, looking rather flustered. Her feathers puffed out, a frightened hoot pushing itself from her tiny body. "Tordanis! Oh, thank Elune you're safe!" She cried, hopping over to the young elf. Tordanis stared at the owl, then scooped her into his hands. "Where's Mother? Where has Amava gone?" The owl seemed to fumble for words, beak moving but no sound coming out. Then she frantically replied. "She told me not to let you come to the village! She wanted you to stay here--Stay here till she comes for you!" Tordanis's eyes grew wide. He looked away from the owl, his gaze moving back to the village. It didn't seem like anything was going so well. The Scourge army was already moving through the village and away. He couldn't really tell whether there were survivors or not... But he stayed put. Stragglers were starting to break off from the main army. If he made any move to go down there before the coast was clear, they'd surely spot him and eat him. It was becoming dark, nightfall fast approaching, by the time Tordanis ventured from Amava's house on the hill. He picked through the trees, eyes peeled for any sign of Undead. Luna stayed with him, perched on his shoulder. When they reached the village proper, they were greeted by a sad sight. The area was leveled, buildings collapsed, burning, missing chunks from the walls. There were a few other Night elves going around, assessing the damage and looking for other survivors. Amava was not among those up and moving. Tordanis ran through the village, digging through rubble, doing whatever it took to search through everywhere. Then he found her. She was wounded, leaning up against a crumbled wall. Her staff, an elegant weapon with carved Druidic runes along the shaft, was laying on the ground next to her. Her eyes were closed, and to the untrained eye she would have seemed already dead. To Tordanis, however, he could see she was barely breathing, very light and faint. He ran to her side, grasping one of her pale hands. "Mother!" He cried, touching her shoulder lightly. She stirred, his eyes blurred with tears. "Amava.. Are you alright..?" The Night elf exhaled, her eyes fluttering open halfway. "T-Tor..? I thought.. I told Luna... To keep you away.." Luna twittered softly, shifting from one talon to the other. "The Scourge is gone, Lady Wispdancer..." "Oh, good.." The druid sighed again, eyes closing. "Tor... Promise me you'll live right. For truth. Love. Do everything in your power to... Protect the next place you find." Tordanis swallowed, blinking his eyes. "What do you mean? I'm staying here, aren't I? Staying here with you." Amava shook her head, a weak gesture. "No... I won't be here long... You must go, live your life to the fullest... Maybe.. Find your real parents." She took a moment to breathe, then continued slowly, quietly. "Luna will stay with you... And... Here." Her hand moves shakily, but scoots the staff over to the young elf. "Take this. Make for Orgrimmar. You're a Blood Elf, Tordanis... Rightfully a member of the Horde. Seek out Thrall. He can help you from there." Tordanis took the staff, staring uncertainly at it, then at Amava. The Night elf seemed to pale even more, going very still. Tordanis's lips trembled, but he clutched the staff tight and stood. He looked over at Luna, tears streaming down his cheeks. "Which way to Orgrimmar?" he asked the owl quietly. The owl hooted, flying up to his shoulder. She pointed a wing to the east, and Tordanis nodded. He looked one last time on his adopted mother, then made a silent vow to avenge her. Amava suddenly reached out at him again, “One last thing, Tordanis…” her voice trailed off slightly, “take this, as well.” She handed him a satchel with a rather large stone within it, as he looked in, he took it out, eyeing it curiously, despite his worry for his shando. It had a blue rune engraving on it. He touched it gently, and instantly teleported, to Darnassus. He only had a moment to gasp, but then disappeared. Amava was going to tell him not to touch it, but her strength waned. Though, even at her death, she found his situation quite funny, chuckling to herself, “Such a stupid boy…” And then, her eyes shut, a satisfied smile on her face.

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