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The Timekeeper (often called Time as an abbreviation) is a Night Elf Druid on the server of Moon Guard.

History Edit

The Timekeeper is a half-member of the Bronze Dragonflight. During one of his mother's patrols during the Battle of Mount Hyjal, she had an intimate night with one of the Night Elves under Tyranda Whisperwind's command. The next day, she gave birth to her batch of eggs. The Timekeeper as born differently, however; as he was the product of his mother's one-night stand, he was born as a mortal and not in an egg like a dragon.

For the rest of his time in the Caverns of Time, the Timekeeper was treated as the "runt", often being avoided by the other dragonkin and left to think on his own. This, however, helped to prepare him for his future role, as he was allowed to contemplate on his thoughts instead of sharing them with the others for their analysis and input. Still, the Timekeeper never had any true friends or family; even his own mother tried to avoid him because she saw her one-night companion in him more than himself.

The elder dragons, however, saw him as a great asset to them. Because of his mortal side, the Timekeeper was far better at interacting with members of the mortal races of important characters in the time-line without causing any problems in the time flow. Therefore, when he came of age to be a drake among his people, he wa appointed the Timekeeper, Keeper of the Time-stream.

Powers Edit

Due to his line of work, the Timekeeper has a small amount of manipulation of the flowing of time. He is also able to briefly open time vortexs to transport to any point in history. He can manipulate to growth rate of inanimate objects and even hasten peoples growth rate, although they revert back to there normal ages in a matter of an hour.

One of his most powerful time-related abilities is his Timeless Fire ability, in which he embeds his dragon breath with time-altering powers. This ability has been used to revert forests back to their normal beauty after massive fires, or to rewrite large battles of history that have gone horribly wrong. The fire is not harmful to those who are a part of the moment in history, but is very deadly to any outside agents of the event.

Also, due to the dragons mastery of shapeshifting, and his father being a druid, the Timekeeper can transform into any race, animal, or object at his choosing (though only in an RP sense). His most famous forms are of a small elekk, a large, magnificent lion, and his original dragon form.

Another one of his great abilities is his Timeless Armor. This is a specially-made draconic battle suit that the Timekeeper can use in any of his forms, with each form having its own variation and certain unique attribute to it.

Appearance Edit

The Timekeeper has many appearances. In his Night Elf form, his body is covered in enchanted body runes, each holding a different purpose; on his forehead is a blue carved eye, which allows his spells to be all the more powerful and gives him a small preview of what is to come in the future. On his chest, a large blazing red dragon tattoo houses a powerful strength enchant which unleashes its power upon his transformation into any animal form. On his arms and legs, intricate swirls and waves house speed enchants to allow him to move like a striking viper.

In his dragon form, the Timekeeper's body shines golden in the light of the sun. The conventional horns of a dragon are bent with age (and because he thinks they look cooler). He takes on a more serpent like form than the other dragons, having spindley arms and legs and two powerful majestic wings which fold around his entire body when not in flight.

Personality Edit

The Timekeeper's personality is in a stage of time-dimensional flux. Meaning, that although he takes on the form of a full grown Hight Elf, his personality constantly changes from boy to adolesent to man in random orders. Yet, despite these changes, he still remembers everything that has happened over his life and can keep going through a conversation despite a few problems from the side-effect.

The Timekeeper is very wise and tries to keep his facts away from others so as not to be a show-off. However, there are those times when the child or adolescent in him takes over, causing him to say things he would otherwise try to keep back and not offend anyone.

The Timekeeper also has trouble with emotions. As being part dragon, it is easy for him to analyze the emotions that he or others around him have, but, because of his father's side, he has trouble understanding what they come from or for what reasons they happen. Still, he is always there to talk with and help out with problems.

Forms Edit

As a master of shapeshifting, the Timekeeper can take on many different forms, each with there own abilities. Some are for combat, some for leisure time, and some for both. Here is a list of some of his forms, some with there own abilities he named himself.

Night Elf Edit

The Timekeeper's Night Elf form is his given form for when conversing with mortals. For a description, see the 'Appearance' section.

  • Balance magic – common Balance magic used by Druids
  • Restoration magic – common balance magic used by Druids
  • Timeless Armor – This variation becomes a full battle-suit, with menacing red eyesockets and jagged spikes along the arms, legs and shoulders. This variation can function as a lightning rod, which can then redirect the energy as a concentrated beam.

Dragon Edit

The Timekeeper's dragon form is his true form. He uses this in large-scale battles. For a description, see the 'Appearance' section.

  • Dragon Fire – common dragon breath
  • Timeless Fire – see 'Powers' for ability description
  • Shield of the Bronze – coats a large area in a giant bronze colored shield. The shield is very powerful and requires a strong attack from another dragon to break.
  • Timeless Armor – This variation covers the head, wings, back, and tail tip with ultra light-weight material that can handle almost any attack. This variation also allows the user to become a battering ram, with menacing pop-out spikes along the wings head and tail sections.

Elekk Edit

This is one of his favorite forms. The Timekeeper takes on this form when he is around small children or just wants to look cute. It closely resembles Peanut in may aspects.

Lion Edit

Another of his favorite forms. The Timekeeper uses this form when in the Guild Hall to sit by the fire or at someone's feet. It is a golden color, with a large, dazzling mane.

  • All of this form's abilities are shared with the Druid's Cat form.
  • Timeless Armor – This variation covers the body, legs, and head, using segmented armor so to not reduce speed. This variation functions as an ultra-fine light refractor, which can turn the bearer solid, translucent, or completely invisible with a simple turn of the armor.

Carrion Bird Edit

The Timekeeper uses this form to travel through the sky without much suspicion. It's appearance is similar to that of the Druid's Flight form.

  • Timeless Armor – This variation covers the body and head in light-weight armor and the top of the wings in a strong mithril chainmail. This variation has a streamline effect in the air, allowing the user to fly at highly increased speeds.

Gargoyle Edit

One of the Timekeeper's scariest forms. This form is often used more as a scared tactic, but it is also good in close-range arieal combat. It's body resembles a gargoyle's, with large, bulging red eyes, fangs, sharp-edged wings, and powerful arms and legs.

  • Divebomb – Flies up high in the air, then performs a divebomb, slicing through the enemy with his wings as he goes by.
  • Screech – emits a loud screech that deafens the enemy, momentarily stunning them.
  • Slice 'n Dice – grabs the enemy and throws them high into the air, followed by consecutive hits from the wings over and over.
  • Whirlwind – Spins around at high velocities, cutting through all surrounding enemies with the sharp wings.
  • Demon Eye – alters the affected ones vision, causing them to briefly have hallucinagens only they can see.
  • Timeless Armor – This variation coats the body in armor, and the wings in a strong leathery material that can't be penetrated by common projectiles. This variation refines the 'Demon Eye' ability, allowing it to cover a much larger area with many more victims.

Viper Edit

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