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Character InfoEdit

Throt Ghost-Howl (formerly Throt the Unclean)
Adult Orc
200 lbs
Un'zija the Spared (Mother), Muktar the Flayed (Father) [Deceased]

Appearance Edit

Throt has pale green skin, piercing violet eyes, and keeps his dark purple hair molded in a tall mohawk. Unusually short and especially ugly for an Orc, he is unshaven, missing teeth, and looks haggard for his young years.

Personality Edit

Throt expects little from this world and the people in it; no villainy surprises him, but he reacts to shows of generosity with suspicion. Throt believes that because he is willing to do things that other Orcs are not willing to stoop to, this makes him important to the Horde. He has sworn his loyalty to Warchief Thrall and believes in the shamanistic old ways of the Orcs, but he doesn't expect anyone to write heroic ballads about his exploits.

In his younger years, Throt maintained an air of detached, cynical bemusement. He would make cutting or sarcastic comments about those around him. Beneath the surface, he was in the grips of a lifelong depression. The condemnations of his old Shaman Khull resonated in his memory, and he could not help but see himself through that lens.

Though his experiences since the awakening of the Lich King have matured him, he retains some of his old cynical nature, and there is still a noticeable edge of bitterness to his words even when jesting. The burden of trying to lead the rag-tag survivors of the Shadow Wolf Clan since Mother Grun'ilda died has weighed heavily upon him. He knows that even though he carries the standard of the Shadow Wolves and does all he can to keep Mother's dream alive, he himself is without honor in the eyes of the Orcish people.

He is intimidated by Orc women, seeing in their eyes an echo of Khull's condemnation. He finds Troll women attractive, though none have yet to return his crude attentions.



Life in the internment camps was brutal. The future of the Orcish people looked bleak, and bereft of hope or the energizing influence of demonic bloodlust, the character of individuals was sorely tested. Some broke under the strains and gave in to their baser natures. Throt's father Muktar was one such Orc.

An inmate of the Caldersmoke Internment Camp, Muktar ingratiated himself with his Human captors, earning their trust by betraying his fellows. He identified the ringleaders of revolts, gave them the names of subversives, and acted as a sort of secret police agent amongst the Orcish inmates. In exchange, Muktar was given privileged treatment, better living quarters, clean clothing and extra food rations. He was despised by his own people, but none dared make a move against him for fear of incurring the wrath of his Human masters. As time passed and the Orcs succumbed to listlessness, their hatred of Muktar dulled to sullen resentment.

Un'zija was already known as an Orcish woman of low morals, given to moving from one lover to the next as it suited her. Muktar proved an irresistable mate, given his position of privilege in the camp. Together they sired a son, Throt'gar.


When Thrall's army liberated Caldersmoke, those who had been in power were cast down before the mob. Muktar, without the protection of the Humans, was dragged before the enraged inmates and beaten until he was unrecognizable. As he whimpered and howled like a stricken dog, the crowd tore his flesh from his body. In the end, his hide was hung from a pole, to be paraded as a warning to any who would betray greenskin for pink.

Un'zija, clutching young Throt to her breast, begged the crowd for mercy. They beat her savagely, but allowed her to live, as she had not been known to betray anyone.

In Kalimdor, Un'zija and Throt came to reside with the other members of their former Clan, but they were never welcomed as equals. Un'zija moved from one lover to the next, always regarded as a beggar and a thief, to be used but not trusted. Throt was seen as little better, the whelp of a traitor and a whore. The Shaman of their village, Khull, divined that a 'dark cloud' loomed over young Throt, and that he would ultimately bring dishonor and woe to his clan. Khull named him The Unclean, both for his dishonorable parentage and his bleak fortune.

Throt grew to be as surly and untrustworthy as his Clan supposed him to be. He often fought with others in the village; he was often the butt of insults and abuse at the hands of his peers. Ultimately, Throt had to flee his village after it was discovered that he had murdered the Shaman's nephew Prag in his sleep.


Throt found his way to the newly-founded city of Orgrimmar, and learned its streets well, ekeing out a living as a cutpurse, footpad, and occasional thug-for-hire. In time, he tired of this life; he saw enough young Orcs come to a bad end in the gutter that he realized he would only end up someone else's victim if he remained in Orgrimmar. He journeyed out into the desert, following a group of young hopefuls to the Valley of Trials and posing as another member of their Clan. His deception was discovered, of course, but the old rogue master Rwag was amused by the attempt, and saw enough potential in Throt to allow him to stay.

Mother Grun'ildaEdit

It was at this time that Throt heard of Grun'ilda and her Shadow Wolf Clan. He heard rumors that the Shadow Wolves were replenishing their strength, and any who were without a home could find one among their number. Throt sought out Mother Grun'ilda and defiantly declared his desire to join her Clan, telling her that though he had blood on his hands, and was thought of as low, he would do what others could not - what others would not - in service to her. She accepted him as no other Orc had, treating him with respect and compassion. He has not forgotten this.

Throt rose through the ranks of the Clan, being named Honor Guard by Chieftain and Grand Shaman. While his ethics were still questionable, his loyalty to the Clan and to Mother Grun'ilda were unswaying. In Grun'ilda, Throt found the influence that his birth-mother never gave him, and the strength that his father lacked. There was no one in the world he valued as much as Mother.

Yet, no one can escape Death forever, and Mother was already old when he met her. Eventually the spirits' call became too strong for her to resist, and she died peacefully.


After Mother's death, her son the Chieftain rallied the Shadow Wolves to join the fight against the recently-awakened Lich King in Northrend. There was a small faction within the Clan who were against this idea; Throt was a vocal member of this faction. He argued that the Clan was not great enough to survive the loss of its greatest warriors, should they fall in the north. Nevertheless, the decision was made and Throt watched his Chieftain and Grand Shaman lead the majority of the clan aboard the goblin zeppelins.

Word of the titanic battles that ensued trickled back into Orgrimmar. What little information Throt was able to learn suggested that while their standard had flown from Horde totems, no Shadow Wolves had survived the battle. Chieftain Keithoo, his wife Talgha, Grand Shaman Majaris, and all who had gone with them had most likely fallen in glorious battle.

Shortly thereafter, Throt became aware of something that was hunting down and slaying those Shadow Wolves which had remained behind in Kalimdor. He discovered the bodies of clan brothers and sisters, slain in their beds or afield. They bore no open wounds, but their skin was violet, their extremities black, and despite the brutal heat of Durotar, they were cold to the touch. Throt went underground, severing all outside ties and going into hiding in order to survive, including faking his own death. He soon discovered that agents of the Lich King wandered the land, and had taken vengeance upon the Shadow Wolves for their actions against him in Northrend. While Throt was grimly satisfied that their Clan had made such a mark against Arthas as to earn his ire, he feared for the survival of the Shadow Wolves.


Throt has emerged from hiding, fighting alongside the few surviving Shadow Wolves that he can find. He has named himself 'Standard-Bearer' of the Shadow Wolves, refusing to accept full leadership of the Clan, as it would only be proper for a Warrior or a Shaman to do so, and he does not wish to taint their reputation. While he has attempted to find new blood to fulfill Mother Grun'ilda's dream of a restored Orcish people, he has met with little luck. Throt has never thought of himself as a leader, and has accepted his responsibilities only out of the demand of honor and gratitude toward Mother.

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