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Stats Edit

Name: Talgha

Age: Young Adult

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Skin color: Light Green

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 175 lbs

Love Intrest: Kie'thoo

Children: None Yes.

Pet: Truffles

Appearance Edit

Talgha often shows a fierce expression on her face because of her childhood. She never let's her guard down, the only one she can truly trust is her faithful pet Truffles. No pity will befall one who makes a rude comment at this Orcish Female!

Personality Edit

Talgha is very self-reliant Orc. She often perfers to keep to herself. She is always seen with her loyal pet boar Truffles who she has raised since she was alil piglet.

Many a male orc has tried to impress Talgha, some have found out the hard way that she was not intrested, but Orcs are strong creatures and bones heal.

One exception is a Orc male who is alittle younger then she named Kie'thoo who she thinks is cute at times but refuses to show any sign of this despite Kie'thoo's efforts to impress her.

Background Edit


Talgha was born to a pair of orcs who had enough of fighting and had began to build a life for them selves in this strange new world. With many of the Orcs being held in camps there was not many places to stay. But soon Thrall united what few Orcs there were and freed his people taking as many as he could to find a new home and among them were Talgha and her parents. Her parents soon had made a new home for them selves and there daughter on a patch of land in Durotar building a small boar farm.

It was Talgha's responsibility to feed the piglets and their mother. Talgha loved to watch the little piglets play and liked to pet and feed them, but one little piglet in preticular. A tiny little runt who was often shoved aside by it's siblings. Talgha soon started to care for the tiny runt and made it her favorite naming it Truffles.

Talgha's parents allowed her to keep Truffles as a pet since he was tiny, while they sold the rest of truffles bloated and plump sibling boars to butchers in newly built Orgrimmar to feed The Mighty Horde.

Talgha continued to raise Truffles and even though he was tiny compared to other boars on the tiny farm he was fierce and the other boars chose not to bother him.

The Night of TearsEdit

One night Talgha slept on her small strawbed with Truffles sleeping on the floor next to her bed. Truffles woke up and made a quiet squeal waking Talgha. Truffles began to scurry outside and Talgha ran out after him calling his name quietly. As Talgha caught up to Truffles she saw several figures some holding torches coming towards her farm. She grabbed Truffles and was about to run back to wake her parents, but then she saw more of the strange men with torches close to her and quickly hid inside some shrubs. The men were close, she knew they were humans and that they would hurt her if they found her. There metal armor scared her and she whispered to Truffles to be quiet, gently petting his nose knowing he wouldn't make any noise when she did this.

She watched as more and more of the men in grey armor and green tabards marched past her. Soon she heard the sounds of horses and the cracks of cannons firing as metal weapons clashed. She held her tiny pig in her arms and waited hoping it would end. Soon she heard the men coming towards her again, this time running some shouting and even screaming. Several of them ran past a few of them looked injured, others scared, many of them now had no weapons.

Then she saw her own kind. Orc Warriors on large Worg mounts charging after the humans, and many more Orcs and Trolls chasing after them. Talgha waited a few minutes and then slowly got up still holding Truffles and began to run towards her home. A great fire light was coming from her home, she got closer and closer and then she stood motionless looking at her home inflames. She slowly began to walk towards her home and then fell to her knees when she saw the slain bodies of her mother and father holding eachother.

She fell on the earth crying for her parents, she cried and cried when suddenly she heard the yell of a human shouting at her! A ugly human face with blood driping down his nose and mouth, was screaming at her and it held a club in its hand. Talgha slowly crawled away from him but He lifted his hand back to hit her with his club, when he stopped and his face showed a painful expression. Truffles has charged into the human and pressed one of his tiny boar tusks into his unarmored foot. The man yelled and turned kicking his foot trying to get Truffles loose. Truffles fell free and the human kicked Truffles, with a tiny squeal Truffles fell and lied motionless on the ground. The human turned back to the tiny orc but saw only his wooden club flying at him smacking him in the face.

The human landed on his back and before he could get up Talgha was on him hitting him again and again and again until the human stopped moving. Talgha stood over him holding the broken and bloody club in her hands breathing heavy she let the club fall from her hands and then walked over to her Truffles. She gently pat his chest and Truffles made a quiet squeal. She took him in his arms and slowly walked towards Orgrimmar to find help. She stopped and turned to take one last look at her home and began walking tears running down her green cheeks.


Tal'gha has since grown into a very attractive orc. Many a male orc has tried to gain her affections and failed. She has a hard time opening up to others but struck up a very good friendship with a Old Orc named Grun'ilda. As a voice of wisdom and experaince Grun'ilda is very important to Tal'gha and the two can often be found chatting together.

In a strange twist, Talgha soon met and began to accept the affections of Kie'thoo, Grun'ilda's only son. The two orcs can often be found together in battle or just relaxing in the sun.

Goals and Motivations Edit

  • Vengeance!
  • Children

Idiosyncrasies Edit

Often seen talking to her pet boar Truffles in public as if it was just another orc.

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit

Hitting on Talgha can cause Broken bones, Blindness, Severe Testical Pain, in some cases DEATH.

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