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At a glance, Tahltril appears to be a very typical young night elf - unremarkable in height, a build too lean for a warrior, yet too defined to be a common tradesman or crafter. He has no hair at all upon his chin, nor does he even have eyebrows. His dark blue hair, however, is grown long and is often tied in a ponytail which reaches down to the middle of his back. His eyes have the distinctive night elven glow to them, and his gaze seems to be a focused one, always looking ahead - right down the path which he's traveling down, towards the horizon and the journey to come.

In the wilds or on the roads, he is rarely seen without his Ghost Saber companion, whom he calls "Keira". She's translucent and appears ghostly - yet, somehow, remains corporeal, and acting perfectly as if she were alive. She's known for her proud demeanor and ravenous appetite.


Tahltril will turn aside any questions of his past, save that he was from Ashenvale Forest. His actual story is none too interesting for the years before the invasion of Kalimdor - he spent his time traveling in the great forest, along with a small group of like-minded friends. He was the youngest of them - the troublemaker. They were a talented bunch, with high aspirations. Tahltril watched with pride as Relayn, his closest friend, studied much into the druidic arts and eventually achieved his goals. Another friend of his, Keira, who was a few years his senior, his older sister figure and nonreciprocating subject of a persistent childhood yearning, became a Sentinel after many years of hard work in the arts of war.

For his part, Tahltril simply wished to remain in the forest he loved, and nurture it, and see it grow. When the invasion came, he fought against the threat in the way he knew best - he shunned the organized defenses, for the most part, and took to the trees, using his bow and traps when he could to help the efforts in his own small way. When the attacks were driven back thanks to the Sentinels, he set about healing the forests.

At the Battle of Mount Hyjal, all his friends were said to have perished in the bloodbath. Overcome with sadness over the loss of his childhood friends, he never saw his forest in the same way again. His friends died fighting alongside these other races, who came from all over Azeroth. So, he set out upon a journey to learn more about the lands beyond Ashenvale.

Upon his travels, he met a ghostly feline in the Ruins of Mathystra. He'd heard that these cats were the descendants of those killed in the Sundering. With that much in common, he managed to befriend one, naming it after the Sentinel for which he cared most for, and now, they travel the world together.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Tahltril and Keira, together, wish to see the world and the wonders which it holds, beyond the forests of Ashenvale. With a lingering sense of guilt, that so many that he knew perished during the Third War, he seeks to pay back his guilt by safeguarding nature and its inhabitants from further demonic or undead harm. Due to his past, he holds a special love for the Sentinels and the druids of the Cenarion Circle, and will go to any lengths to protect these men and women. He is known to produce armor for the Sentinels in his spare time.

He has become increasingly concerned with Horde incursions into Ashenvale as of late, especially their raids against Auberdine and Astranaar, and their continued deforestation of the eastern parts. Although many around him have advocated pacifism with the Horde, he refuses to treat those who defile the forests with any respect.


Tahltril holds Night Elven traditions close at heart, and is seen by some to be living in the past too much for his own good.