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Almost every bit of this female strikes as off of one who would follow the path of priesthood. Not quite as tall as her fellow race, she cuts an intimidating figure. Her long dark blue hair reaches down to about the middle of her back and is usually fairly unkempt. Her face is thin with high cheekbones, a small nose, slightly full lips, and a bluish purple leaf pattern matching her smooth blue skin. Probably the most noticeable thing about her face is her almond shaped abnormally bright silver eyes. Her figure is thin, but muscular, as you would expect an adventurer to be. Her gaze is penetrating and calculating, almost as if she’s looking for a weakness.


Syae’s outward appearance is cold and calculating. She keeps her distance from people and is hard to win over. She is tough and doesn’t let things get to her, she fears being hurt or lied to. She helps others when asked, but doesn’t go out of her way to do so. Sometimes she can be too cynical and pessimistic, much to the aggravation of her lover. Deep down she is a kind and caring individual, and those she loves often see this side of her.


Syae was born at the end of days for Azshara. Her family lived as commoners in Mathystra, but left as the Highborne began tampering with magic. They lived in Loreth’Aran for awhile, but moved to Nordrassil once Syae reached her fifth age of life. Her family was devout to Elune and Syae learned of her teachings at a young age, clinging to them like an immature child would. She begged her parents to let her study in the temple to become a Priestess of Elune, and finally when she reached her tenth year of life she became an acolyte.

She spent several years listening to sermons and taking careful care of the temple, doing all the menial chores an acolyte would be assigned. In that time her father joined the path of druidism and went into the Emerald Dream, but she wasn’t upset or worried. Even though she was young, she understood the necessity of the Emerald Dream and fully accepted it.

As the years passed she grew into maturity and rather than becoming a Priestess of Elune, she devoted her studies to healing and became a different kind of priestess. She was drafted into the army as a cleric and spent many years healing battle injuries or giving a last comfort to dying soldiers. Her kind and caring nature was perfect for her path, many soldiers she took care of began to court her. She kindly thanked them but told them she was waiting for her soul mate and would not falter along the way to accept any relationship.

Syae dressed as a cleric.

Many years of this life came and went; he father returned from the Emerald Dream and went back again. Such was her life until the Third War came. Continuing her life as a healer, she saw several encounters with humans and demons alike. Deciding the humans were stalwart but frail, she was happy with her conclusion. They would not live long anyway, a polite friendship and nothing more would be all they could be to the timeless Elves. But to her dismay, at the final battle her immortality was ripped suddenly away and she and her kind were left with simple mortality.

The loss of her life was a cruel shock to the young Night Elf. She immediately blamed Elune for not saving them and taking away their life. She begged day and night for Elune to answer why she would do this to her people that she apparently loves. Hearing no answer, Syae turned from Elune and healing. She grew up very quickly, siphoning herself off from all her friends and family and left to travel alone. Along her journey she discovered a tome of magic, detailing the shadow aspect. She drew herself into the shadows as a comfort and brooded her hatred for those who have destroyed her life.

She dealt very little with humans; she knew she could find no comfort with them. After all, how could they ever know the pain she was going through in her life right now? They would never even be able to imagine the loss her people were facing. Though while traveling the plaguelands, she came across a paladin by the name of Zarack looking for help with the Battle of Darrowshire. She offered to help and they managed to change the timeline of the people of Darrowshire at the loss of the others who offered to help as well.

Finding camaraderie in Zarack’s vengeance against the Scourge and impressed by his skill, she began to travel with him. They formed an uneasy alliance at first, which slowly grew into friendship.

At the reopening of the Dark Portal, Syae and Zarack came to the call of adventures to explore the new world now available to them. At Zarack’s discovery of some old heroes long thought dead to be alive, he immediately set out to find Turalyon. Syae went on this path with him, eager to help her friend.

A few years of searching passed while they grew closer to each other. Northrend was finally seen as the threat it was and adventures began to go and attempt to stop the Scourge. They managed to find Turalyon at about the same time of the reformation of the Silver Hand, which help Zarack to stop his path of vengeance and retake the path of a true paladin. During this time, Syae and Zarack’s relationship grew into devotion and love for one another. They pledged their love and got married a few years later.

Syae and Zarack married at the Stormwind Cathedral.

They spent the next ten years continuing their travels and righting wrongs whenever they could lend a hand. Syae continued to practice shadow magic, but not for the reasons of escape and power. She grew to accept her mortality as a necessary evil for the good of all of Azeroth. They did several things with the Bronze Dragonflight that led to a fateful day.

At the call of the Bronze Dragonflight, Syae and Zarack gathered with many other adventures to listen to the Aspect’s plea. He told them the Emerald Dream was in great danger and was starting to affect Azeroth deeply. There were signs in the past that were ignored, but if some people were to go back and do something about these things the Emerald Dream would be saved. The Aspect then gave them a warning, for those who decided to help and go into the past; there would be no return for them. The future would be altered to the point of bringing them back would severely splinter the time waves. Several people declined aid while a few agreed to help. Syae was distraught at the thought of her father and her people being trapped in the Nightmare and offered her aid. Zarack came with her, not wishing to be parted from her side forever. With the rest of the group, they were transported back into the past to an all too familiar setting.

Goals and MotivesEdit

Syae’s current goal is to fix the signs appointed to her and Zarack by the Bronze Dragonflight. Secretly she wishes to find a way to get back to the future as she does not wish to experience the dark point in her life again.


Syae began her relationship with Zarack as nothing more than a convenient ally. She acted very distant to him at first, often going out of her way not to speak. They shared this uneasy feeling with each other for about a year. She began to open up to him more and more as she started to accept her mortality. Formally believing her life to be over and watching Zarack live as a mortal showed her that just because she’s now mortal doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. They slowly formed a bond of friendship that evolved into love. After Zarack became a true paladin again, they happily married. Not wishing to ever part from each other’s sides, they often travel together and are rarely seen apart.


  • Syae looks down on zealots and people who blindly follow their chosen faith.
  • Secretly she is jealous of the Draenei and their prolonged lifespans.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

If you were to look for information about Syae, you would be able to find a few mentions of her involvement in the Third War as a healer. A few records can be found at the Temple of Elune of her active involvement in the temple, as can a sudden drop in record of her. While asking around doesn’t garner much information, she doesn’t seem to be well known.

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