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Name: Strassana Cramera
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Dark blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 pounds
Spouse: None
Children: None
Siblings: Two sisters, one brother (all deceased)
Parents: Shaytine and Oluntu, both living
Pets: Saltwater turtle, Rachael; screech owl, Robinavia


Strassana is a bit shorter and heavier muscled than the average female of her race; her skin is the darkest found among her people and her eyes are dark blue. She wears her hair long and uncut; her horns are short and curve against her skull. Usually wears dark, well-oiled leathers and a full knothide quiver, always has a shining bow in hand and a large, well-sharpened axe slung over her shoulder.


Quiet and reserved, but by no means unfriendly. She prefers to hunt and fight alone, accompanied only by her faithful pets, and spends much of her free time hiking the trails of whatever land she's currently adventuring in. Fiercely independent, given to impatience, has a desert dry sense of humour and little tolerance for nonsense.


Born and raised in Zangarmarsh, Strassana is one of four children to Shaytine and Oluntu and the only surviving child, her siblings having all died in infancy. Due to the unstable political climate her people were embroiled it, Strassana was home-educated by her parents in the arts of skinning, leatherworking, cooking, simple gardening, beast training, and archery. Her parents were both craftsmen and traders, traveling often to Nagrand to do business with the orcs, and Strassana spent many days hiking and exploring the grasslands that she came to love. She was raised with a love for nature and the outdoors, and is always happiest when roaming whatever lands she has decided to work in.

Her relationship with her parents is close, if a bit contentious due to their protective and somewhat smothering form of love; their relationship however has flourished with distance as her parents have taken up a nomadic lifestyle since arriving in Azeroth and wander Kalimdor trading and learning from the kaldorei. She meets with her parents weekly on their return visits to the Exodar, both to further train under her mother's tutelage in leatherworking and simply to assuage their concerns about her wellbeing.

Strassana has become quite the expert hunter, taming, training, and forming close bonds with her huge saltwater turtle, Rachael, and her screech owl, Robinavia. Robinavia has aged considerably since she was first tamed, and now resides mostly in a comfortable aviary in Nagrand, where Strassana visits her as often as possible.

Goals and motivationsEdit

  • To learn from and understand the position of the Kurenai in Nagrand; she has deep sympathy for both the Broken and the Lost and attempts to bridge the gaps between them, considering them as much her people as the Draenei. Strassana is exalted with the Kurenai and was gifted with a talbuk mount in reward for her efforts.
  • To expand her knowledge of beast mastery and marksmanship.
  • To become a proficient and marketable leatherworker under Shaytine's training.
  • Forming a more understanding bond with her father, whom she often finds herself at odds with as he tends to be overprotective and somewhat authoritarian.


  • Has a sisterly relationship with the shaman Iroha.
  • Accepted Iroha's invitation to become a member of her order, Sister Outsider, though she fears and distrusts its now-retired leader, the warlock Catalique.
  • Is somewhat competitive with a kaldorei hunter in the order, Slaymyst, and is often seen arguing with her about leatherworking techniques and aspects of the hunt.
  • Keeps her hair long, uncut, and well-kempt and considers it her only true vanity.
  • Has no interest at all in flying or aviation and has actually turned down a recent invitation to learn how to handle gryphons.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • Passionately hates Interrogator Khan and avoids him at all costs.
  • Has secretly supplied the sin'dorei prisoners in Telaar with food and bandages after seeing them beaten by jailers under Khan's command.
  • Is currently, aided by Iroha's master jewelcrafting skills, gathering the materials to fashion her parents a fine set of jewelry for their upcoming anniversary.

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