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Shield of Divine Justice


Solaros has a height and build slightly larger than the average Blood Elf. His build is derived from his heavy armor which is almost always worn. His torso bares a few noticeable scars from his more recent outings, but he seems otherwise unharmed.


The once fiery tempered Solaros seems to have calmed with his return from training in Northrend. He returned to Silvermoon a focused and hardened Soldier of the Light. He still doesn't agree with the use of shadows and the Fel...But realizes they are needed allies in the current battle. He has a sense of humor, but when the sound of striking steel is heard, his mind quickly draws to the serious nature of battle. A death in battle is welcomed, as long as he struck a blow against the Wicked. When training, his theory is there is no better teacher than experience, and no better lesson than feeling the wrath of an attack.


Solaros was born into a family of magisters. Being of what some would consider a noble bloodline, it was expected he would oneday hold a spot in the royal court. But Solaros had better ideas, such as a heavy love of Blood thistle and fermented drinks. During the attack on his home of Tranquillen, the other trainees rushed out to defend. Yet he was passed out from a rather rowdy night. He awoke during the struggles aftermath to find his city destroyed and his family soldiers of the Scourge. He took hold of a nearby tree limb and charged into the now recent scar cut through the lands. He was quickly overwhelmed and rescued by a member of the Blood Knights.

Early Years During his training, most Blood Knights drew power from the hostage Nauru they held. But Sol knew his came from a different source..he could feel it. During Art has' last attack on Azeroth, Sol decided to attack Arthas on his own..his vengeance driving him mad. He was medically discharged from the Knights and left all friends behind as he vanished into the frozen north.

Present Day All assumed Solaros had died. No words or transmissions had been sent from him. But the reality was he had continued training...focused on improving himself. A certain member of the Contingent discovered him and convinced him to join under their banner. Solaros still looks fore ward to the day he stands toe to toe with Arthas, and continues to sharpen his blade and skills.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

His only goal is the utter eradication of both the Legion and Scourge. He belives he can not rest until both of these enemies of the Light lay shattered.


  • Has a slight drinking problem.
  • Has little respect for the majority of Silvermoon's so called "Blood Knights"
  • Has coated his Libram with a heavy titanium plating. Has been known to use it as a weapon when disarmed.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

  • Rumor has it he spent a bit of his youth working with the Bloodsail, and may have kept connections among them.

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