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Slaine's this scrub from Moon Guard. He posts on the forums a lot, and he's the best tank on the server this year, now that Trezios has transferred off.


He's about this tall, and he's dead. I think he looks like Iggy Pop, if Iggy was a little healthier.


Slaine doesn't really understand much about anything, which is why he was cast out of office in Brill. It didn't really matter, though, because as it turns out you can be a terrible embarrassment of a human being, and still make it as a rockstar. Man, the music industry is weird.

Goals and motivationsEdit

-Regaining his popularity, which he lost when he bombed Dennis' apartment.

-Getting to level 79. I say level 79, because we all know he'll never get to 80 amirite?

Interesting Facts (Interesting is used loosely, here)Edit

-Slaine used to be the Sheriff of Brill.

-Slaine's a rockstar.

-Slaine secretly worships Everlong.

-Slaine fought Remington Dalson once, though reports vary as to what exactly happened.

-Slaine's not Canadian.

-Slaine hates dwarves.

-Slaine loves Makanis.

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