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Nariko Skyheart is of average height and weight for her race. Her fur is black throughout, except on her hands where it fades to a light gray. She keeps her fur for the most part clean and well groomed, and even keeps a little comb with her to comb out any tangles that form. Her mane is braided in the front and beaded throughout. She keeps two large golden beads in the front, while the beads in the rest of her mane are a mix of blue and gold. These beads are also present in all of her animal forms, dangling from fur and feathers. She has no major defining scars or disfigurations. She also has no piercings or any other forms of jewelry.


Nariko has a quiet and almost skittish personality. She very rarely speaks, usually only doing so when gestures and motions cannot convey any messages that she has. However beyond this quiet and shy front she puts up she is actually quite silly. She likes to play practical jokes, and no one suspects her of doing them. She can often be immature as she is still a young tauren, however she has her own bits of wisdom stemmed from her druidic teachings.


Nariko came from a family of almost pure druids, and along with her twin sister, Nahimaya, began her training and lessons at a young age. She grasped the Balance ways much more easily than that of feral combat, and eventually became moon touched during her travels. Tragedy struck at a young age when her sister was taken over by her feral instinct. A wild cat attacked the two while they were gathering water, and her sister discovered her bear form and attacked back. However after the cat was successfully downed Nahimaya then turned on Nariko and attempted to attack. After being chased off her sister never did return.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Nariko's major goal is to reunite with her sister, Nahimaya Skyheart.


  • Prefers to stay in her stormcrow form whenever possible.
  • Has a small blue moth that follows her around that she calls Stardust that was given to her by a draenei priest. She mutters and talks to it often.
  • Is often seen just following around those she seems to be comfortable with. Even if she does not speak, she just follows.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

Not much is known or rumored about Nariko. Her silent nature means nobody really knows much about her..

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