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Sinnead is a more or less obscure character on the Moon Guard realm. It's sometimes hard to find her for RP but it's so worth it when you do. ;) She is also a relentless promoter OOCly of MGRP, an alternative forum for the Roleplaying community on Moon Guard.


Sinnead is of average height for a human female at 5”4’. She appears to be a very young woman. Her posture is strong and confident; she walks with her chin up and eyes forward. She makes an effort to keep at least an extra robe or two in her bags, as she does not like to wear the same outfit for too long. Sinnead makes it a habit to mind her personal hygiene; nails clean and polished, hair neatly combed and washed, etc.

Sinnead’s skin is naturally tanned, just a few shades darker than average. Her hair is a deep red, of medium length and has a slight wave. Her eyes, an emerald green, contrast harmoniously with her hair. Sinnead’s complexion is clear. There are feint scars around her wrists and ankles, suggesting that they had been bound.


Sinnead is in most circumstances pleasant and friendly. She will often try to start conversation with anyone she meets. Her favourite place to go when she’s not training her skill is the Pig n’ Whistle in Old Town. Sinnead keeps a flask of alcohol strapped to her thigh at all times as she tends to get uneasy about many topics, relationships for example.

When faced with a conflict, Sinnead’s tendency is to stay calm and talk it out, often using humor to diffuse the situation. Sinnead rarely holds a grudge and assumes the best in everyone. However, she holds a slight bias towards human, being less trusting to other races of the Alliance.

Sinnead uses a lot of body language; one can often tell what she’s feeling just by the expression on her face or the state of her posture.



Sinnead sitting in front of her older sister, Lilyam, before she dyed her hair.

Sinnead L. Montanari was born in the Arathi Highlands, where her father and uncle fought for the alliance against the horde, most specifically the undead. After his brother died, Sinnead's father packed the family up and moved to the small town of Lakeshire, hoping to live out their days in peace.

Sinnead's older sister Lilyam was disowned by the family when she was only 16 for her... aggressive disposition. Sinnead, being only a year younger, was very close to her sister and was heartbroken when her sister left.

Trying to cope with the loss, Sinnead started to study arcane magic and was fascinated with her ability to produce fire and ice with no more than a gesture. On her 17th birthday she received a letter, from her sister. Lilyam had gotten herself into trouble...murders...espionage...deceit... even... sexual scandals. The letter was a plea to Sinnead, Lilyam was in hiding, trying lay low while her reputation was on the fritz. Lilyam asked for Sinnead to leave Lakeshire and help restore her sister's damaged reputation.

So Sinnead packed up and set off to the big city...Stormwind. She waited weeks for Lilyam to show as was instructed in the letter. But she never showed. Meanwhile Sinnead passed the time by improving her skills in magic and started a small tailoring business. That is when she met Doc (Bayoushadow). From that moment on, Sinnead stuck by Doc's side and agreed to help him with the Halaa expedition. Unfortunately Sinnead realized that the expedition simply wasn't for her and parted ways.


  • When frustrated, Sinnead will purse her lips and puff out her cheeks.
  • Sinnead has a habit of scratching the tip of her nose when she is thinking really hard.
  • Sinnead is extremely bashful and tends to flail her arms when anything sexual is on topic.


Mathais- This holy paladin spotted her one night when she was absentmindedly standing atop the fountain in the Trade District of Stormwind. The two agreed that a tavern was more suitable to continue their conversation. After that, they continued to meet for some time. It was only when Sinnead realized that he might be taken away from her that her feelings for him started to grow. Slowly the relationship progressed and they are now together exclusively.

Fay Sin tiny2

Fay and Sinnead having too much to drink.

Fay- Sinnead first met Fay after she had been standing on top of the burning roof of the blacksmith trying to put out a fire. She was unsuccessful and suffered smoke inhalation as a result. Fay stepped in and helped her recover. From then on the two became good friends, sharing many fun, however hazy adventures. They can often be seen together enjoying a drink...or two...or 6.

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