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Current status: InactiveEdit

As of this time, the Sha'kaari are no longer accepting new members, and have more or less disbanded, the members of Famil following their individual paths.

Background and SummaryEdit

First led by the Vindicator Kudrilarok, the Sha’Kaari was a small sect of Draenei dedicated to the will of M’uru. Knowing the fate he had willfully chosen and the terrible price to be paid for the salvation of the Blood Elves, the Naaru intended this group to act according to his wishes even after his imprisonment. This simple family was his bond to what was left behind, but also his key to the future. While most went on to assume they intended to free him, those initiated knew the hard truth. The only freedom M’uru would find from his own corruption would be in death.

As numbers and strength continued to grow under Kudrilarok’s watch, it was neither M’uru nor the Sin’dorei which proved to be the Sha’Kaari’s greatest enemy, but time. Timing was everything, requiring that they wait until the Blood Knights had sworn themselves once more to the Light. As that time spent waiting passed, M’uru’s corruption trickled down amongst his closest followers, tainting the Sha’Kaari’s leadership, leaving the once proud Kudrilarok restless and aggressive. Shifts in loyalty began to occur, unrests spreading throughout the family, until finally Kudrilarok chafed at the chains of servitude, beseeching his brethren to join him in a path of conquest, admitting no betters and seizing power wherever they could find it. This splinter faction, Ahme’Kaari… the Betrayers of Light, caused a political strife that left only shattered pieces in its wake.

Then arose the Prioress Alijysiia. One time lover to the now gone Kudrilarok, it was she who gathered together the Sha’Kaari remnants, the broken pieces of a broken family, and promised to reforge them anew. Focusing the efforts of herself and the remaining Sha’Kaari Elders around the reestablishing of their family, their goals eventually expanded to include all wayward Draenei, be they of the new Shaman path or even Broken. Seeing their scattered society being crushed beneath their own narrow vision and fear, the Sha’Kaari arose as a bastion for the otherwise undefended, a home for the outcast and misjudged. As most others fled to their new home of Azeroth, it was they who chose to stay behind, salvaging what they could from Draenor’s broken landscape.

They resided in the Kurenai settlement of Telaar in Nagrand for a time. There, with the help of Broken themselves, they hoped to expand their efforts in reclaiming Draenor and build a brighter, better future for their people without letting go of their treasured past. It seemed to aid a great deal, for the Broken felt their spirits renewed and their forces grew strong both in body and knowledge. After attempting to settle differences between herself and Velen, Alijysiia and Joreth sought council from the Broken leader Nobundo. With the advice of Nobundo ringing in their ears, they've chosen instead to settle elsewhere, among the younger races of Azeroth.

Today, they reside in the slowly growing settlement of Forest Song, in Ashenvale. There, with the aid of the Night Elves and the Broken, they seek to build a new future for both themselves and their people, learning what they can of their new home while rebuilding some of what was lost on their old.

Focus and GoalsEdit

RP Level: Heavy. Guildchat is OOC, but in all ingame interactions players are expected to present themselves in a mature, in character manner. Guild members are all encouraged to attend regular IC guild events, and to actively RP in all major cities. Our guild website is specifically divided between an IC forum section and an OOC forum section, and there you will also fine most of the in game books posted for reading, as well as other lore resources. Events hosted by other groups that are open to the public will also be posted to the guildsite as such information becomes available.

PVP Level: Low. In terms of story, the Sha'Kaari is a defensively oriented, small settlement located along the north east of Ashenvale. We seek to defend our own, against both Alliance AND Horde, but do not attack unless so prompted. That being said, several members are active in Battlegrounds and Arena PVP, and are more than willing to help others get started. We do not practice nor condone PVP raids on Horde cities. Members are expected to maintain the peace at any RP event involving both factions.

Raid Level: Low. As a relatively small, RP guild, our ability to do high end and Heroic instances is severely limited. That being said, same level members do enjoy running instances together, including several of those in Outlands. While our focus is not around leveling, should your character reach to 70, we have several members who raid with other guilds either on their mains or an alt, so ask around and they might be able to help you with attending non Sha'Kaari runs.

Contact and InformationEdit


  • Primarily Draenei-- now allowing Kaldorei as well.
  • Level 15+
  • Website registration
  • IC Letter of Inquiry sent to Alijysiia or Joreth

before a meeting can be set up.


  • Guild forums/website:
  • Friendly, hate free environment
  • Multi tabbed Guild Bank
  • Repair funds and tabards
  • Regularly scheduled guild events
  • Recognized oldest Draenei guild on the server

Potential new recruits should contact the Prioress Alijysiia via in game letter to schedule an interview. Those requesting more information about the guild or to discuss an issue regarding one of our members, can contact any of our Advisors in game, who will try to reply as soon as they are able.

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