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Seraphe de Lorei is a relatively unknown Blood elf on the realm of Moon Guard.


Standing just 5'3" tall, Seraphe is shorter than many blood elves. Her russet colored hair is kept out of her face in a bun, though a few loose strands frame her face. Physically she is slender, with the frail look of one who engages in ranged, rather than melee, combat. Even though she spends a great deal of time outdoors, her skin keeps its milky porcelain color. Golden hoops adorn her ears, while a ring of silver can be found on her right hand.


For the most part a fun-loving and flirtatious individual, Seraphe has been known to snap at people over seemingly small things. She generally laughs this off as being due to the fact that she cannot decide which she likes better, fire or frost magics.


Much is unknown about Seraphe's past, even those who become close to her. She is very tight-lipped about the events of her life before the destruction of the Sunwell.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Craving the knowledge of all things, Seraphe has set out to read any and all books she can set her hands on, no matter the subject. She also wants to make a journey to the Outlands, for she has heard whispers in the street of Prince Kael'thas that she does not want to accept.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

Thus far Seraphe has avoided the public eye.

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