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Seaxulf is a level 70 Blood Elf Paladin on the realm of Moon Guard.


Seaxulf Hawkspear is in no way particularly remarkable. Standing at 5' 10" and weighing about 150 lb., he's not much different from the average blood elf. His hair and skin tone are a tad pale, leading people to remember him only as "that blond paladin." His armour is typically slightly damaged in most places, yet still appears to be fully functional.


Like many of his fellow paladins, he seems unapproachable and aloof. True to form, he doesn't often wish to associate with people whom he deems to be less important. Unless otherwise ordered, he won't even heal another, even if the need is great. He never really cared for leaving Quel'Thalas, as he found the outside world to be dull. Upon receiving directives from Lor'themar Theron, Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas, that he must travel and aid their new allies, he found himself with an unmistakable wanderlust. Although the Horde were seemingly uncultured in comparison, he came to love the new enemies along the way, as well as the potentially better armaments.


Born in Tranquillien to priests, he spent his early years learning of the Light and roaming the countryside with youthful exuberance. With the coming the Scourge, his life was shattered and he fled to the north with his family. Unable to harness the Light like his parents for the defence of the land, he took up a glaive and fought beside what few rangers were left.

The advances of the Scourge through Silvermoon were a horrible blow to his morale at the time, but he nonetheless ran ahead with able-bodied people for the final defence of the Sunwell. Standing proudly beside his parents, he looked to the distance and saw the army of undead whither the surrounding land by their mere presence. In the coming hours, he would see countless lives be lost, as well as the final befouling of the Sunwell by Arthas. In the shock of seeing their source of magic corrupted and lost to them, he stood idly as several undead ran forward and struck his mother dead. Grabbed at the arm, he was pulled back by his father and told to flee. While running as fast as he could, he heard the groans and cries of the undead while his father fought.

Cold and unfamiliar with his surroundings, Seaxulf wandered far away from the battle. Hiding for weeks, he wondered the fate of his father and the rest of his people. One day he saw several mounted dragonhawks flying overhead. Following them as best as he could, he stumbled upon an encampment of survivors. Hardly noticed, he situated himself by a fire and just stared blankly for hours to come.

In the months to come, he would find himself aiding Lady Liadrin. After training in martial combat, he was taught how to drain the powers of a naaru and to wield the very powers that his parents had instructed him to respect.


He is often seen cleaning his sword, especially after he sticks it into things, which is typically only the ground.

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