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Unkempt black hair framing an ashen face, this human male seems in most respects a walking corpse. Gray skin pulled taunt over bone and sinew, his features are overly prominent, further highlighted by his lack of eyes. In their place, twin orbs of blue flame burning slow and cold reside. His garments are old, bordering on antiques themselves, well made and serviceable yet worn and fraying....


Once a local watchman in the ancient city of Caer Darrow, Saeric Ironcrest's fall from grace began as a misguided act of mercy, slaying his own family and friends before the Scourge armies had the chance to kill or raise them as undead. So followed the fate of many, as he caused arson that burned entire city blocks to the ground with countless victims trapped inside. His betrayal of his home became complete when the errant guard opened the city gates in the night at the behest of Lord Barov, willfully letting those same armies loose upon a sleeping and unsuspecting populace. The city fallen, and himself a far colder and more cynical man than when his trail of misdeeds began, Saeric willingly swore his allegiance to the victorious forces. Since then, the newly risen death knight had served the Lich King well, aiding in the 'recruitment' of others such as himself, as well as the creation of a nightmare menagerie of undead horrors.

Goals and motivationsEdit

  • Dedicated to the Ebon Blade, Saeric works tirelessly to see to it that its agenda is pushed on as many fronts as possible, and that its influence is constantly in a state of expansion.
  • Concerned with what will become of his kind after the threat of Arthas has been removed, Saeric has worked to gather as many like minded outcasts to his side as possible, forging them into a loose coalition of mercenaries.


  • Though generally cordial if a bit distant with most living members of the Alliance, he is openly derisive and rude when dealing with members of the Scarlet Crusade.
  • Saeric has a strong distaste for 'holy ground' and will not set foot into a sanctified church or cathedral unless forced. The same is also true when it comes to accepting healing through Holy sources.
  • When in a more relaxed setting, a small black cat is often found in his company which he dotes on regularly. Close inspection reveals that the cat is undead, its neck having been snapped at some point and then reset.
  • Saeric is never seen in public without wearing his heavy plate armor, regardless of weather or occasion. Those few times he does remove his helm, his lower face is hid beneath a coarse black cloth.


I don't like you. You don't like me. Now that we're clear....

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • Though a frequent visitor to both Stormwind and Acherus, Saeric's primary place of residence is Duskwood.
  • Quietly, he has been gathering a slowly growing number of outcasts and strangers to Raven Hill.

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