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Rumor is the name given to a Death Knight on the server Moon Guard.

History Edit

The following are excerpts from the journal of the man known as "Rumor".

I remember dying.

Details dont stand out for me, but sensations do. The pain in my shoulder, the feel of my sword sticking in bone, the blurry motion of people moving around me.

Shouts rent the air,and screams were poured out by the dieing. The sound of blood pounding through my heart drowned it all.

What was I doing fighting? Im not sure.

Was I a good man, fighting for some just or noble cause, or a mercenary? Maybe I had been caught up in events beyond my control or had been looting the battlefield for something to sell.

Memories of my life are hard to grasp, flitting beyond me when I try to grab on to them. But a few things stand out.

I remember dying.

There was no light to embrace me. And no punishment for my sins. There was nothing.

And then I opened my eyes.

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Looking back now, the sun has always shown on the important days.

The day I first picked up a sword to fight for the Alliance.

The day I first fought the Scarlet Crusade, and failing to stop them from slaughtering those who believed otherwise.

The day I realised that more extreme measures might be needed to battle rising corruption everywhere.

The sun shone exceptionally bright on the day I gave in and listened to the voice, pledging my loyalty for power. Power that I had believed was needed to battle the enemies I saw everywhere.

The light of dawn had lit my face as I was helped to my feet by Rumz who had helped me see the truth, had shown me how far I had truly fallen in my quest to do the right thing.

When I had despaired yet again, afraid that there would be no atoning for what I had done in my blind crusade, I remember hearing a song that led me to the sun kissed Isle of Quel'Danas, where K'iru showed me hope in the achievements of the Shattered Sun Offensive. That no matter how big an obstacle, that there would always be a way.

And the sun peeks through the clouds today as well, warming my heart. Today as I begin my journey of redemption.

It's going to be a good day.

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I remember bits and pieces of my previous life.

Sitting on the bench, in between fighting, preparing for fighting and well planning the next fight.

Sitting there and watching all the people go by. Having their magical day to day moments. Their little smiles and watching eyes light up as they see a friend, just chatting, relaxing, being people.

Then Id be off again.

Dying gives you perspective. Its another chance not just to right the wrongs, but to have those moments that I missed.

And I do want those moments. I want to sit down and have a meal with friends where the topic isnt supply lines, enemy strength, but mundane things like the new hair style or the latest shipment of cheese being divine.

Its another chance to do so many things, and not waste time on one single minded goal.

Another chance to seize the moment and just be myself.

Another chance to appreciate what being alive really means.

Appearance Edit

A stern face with lines that show both great trials and good times, although the marks of his trials stand out. His eyes are calm and piercing, and the hair well kept. He stands straight, aware of the glances that come his way, yet paying them no heed as he has nothing to hide. He is what he is and others be damned, so to speak.

Known Contacts Edit

In his fight to reclaim himself and free himself from the grasp of the Lich King, he was aided by the Shards of Argus, most notably the Draenei "Rumz". Since then he has found herself in the service of the Shards, an organisation dedicated to gathering information and remedying the wrongs committed by the Burning Legion, which includes fighting the scourge and addressing the horrors they have unleashed on Azeroth. Other known contacts include members of his guild, Wrath of the Righteous.

Professions Edit

He has always been fascinated by the abilities of others and himself. As such he has applied himself to learning more about them and how to tweak them depending on the nature of the person themselves.

Code Edit

No Faith without Hope. No Justice without Compassion. No Humanity without Fairness.